‘Wonder Woman’ Is Best-Reviewed DC Movie Since ‘The Dark Knight’

It’s the DC Movie fans have been hoping and praying for. Early reviews of Diana Prince’s theatrical debut are in, and they’re praising director Patty Jenkins’ superhero epic. Wonder Woman is on track to being one of the best-reviewed superhero movies ever, DC Extended Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Currently, the film starring Gal Gadot holds a 96 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 55 reviews, as of this post. Its “Certified Fresh” rating puts it on par with The Dark Knight which has a 94 percent rating. Within the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman crushes the other three recent DC flicks, Man of Steel (55 percent), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (28 percent) and Suicide Squad (25 percent).

Wonder Woman is currently ranking higher than any Marvel film as well- Iron Man (94 percent), Marvel’s The Avengers (92 percent), and Guardians of the Galaxy (91 percent). In fact, the only superhero film that is rated higher than Wonder Woman is Pixar’s The Incredibles which boasts a 97 percent rating.

With more reviews coming when the film arrives this week on June 2, Wonder Woman’s rating might come down. No doubt, a couple of unfavorable ones will roll in. The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have praised it, calling it “smart, slick, and satisfying in all of the ways superhero films ought to be.” Definitely read their review.

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