Which Funny Lady Is In Talks To Play The Villain In ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Very few details about the Wonder Woman sequel have been revealed. What is known is the action will take place against the backdrop of the Cold War in the 1980s. Additionally, the main villain will be Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah. The Hollywood Reporter reveals a certain Saturday Night Live alum is in talks to step into the villainous role.

In DC Comics, Minerva is a British anthropologist and heiress who gains the powers of the cheetah after an expedition to an African jungle. Cheetah is known for having superhuman strength and agility. There were rumors that Emma Stone turned the role.

Filming for Wonder Woman 2 will begin this summer with a release date of November 1, 2019 in mind. Gal Gadot will return as will director Patty Jenkins.

Thoughts on Wiig joining the DC Comics Cinematic Universe? Weigh in below.

  • Chris

    This piece of news indeed confirms Cheetah as WW’s next foil. I’m definitely excited for this showdown to happen on the big screen as I am a big fan of the WW comics as imagined by George Perez in the 1980’s . As for casting Cheetah, I’m quite unsure about Kristen Wiig. I always imagined the role to be portrayed by someone like Eva Green or Rosamund Pike. I don’t know. It remains to be seen. But I hope the end product is very good.