Wonder Girls: Nobody Global Phenomenon


As promised in my Jonas Bros. article earlier this week, I am highlighting some of my favorite Wonder Girls Nobody Dance videos. The Wonder Girls are a popular South Korean Pop girl group. Korean Pop, abbreviated as K-pop, is bubblegum pop mixed with some R&B and dance flavors and has become hugely popular in Asia and making it’s way to North America. The Wonder Girls came into prominence in Fall of 2007 and in Fall 2008, were selected as a top girl group by Virgin Media which put them with the ranks of other popular girl groups like The Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane. Their hit “Nobody” has become the Asian equivalent to Beyonce’s mega-smash hit “Single Ladies”. The signature dance moves in their Nobody video have been replicated, immortalized and posted on YouTube. These submissions have ranged from Japan to North Ireland and of course The United States to name a few.

I’ve selected my favorite videos which I found the most amusing and entertaining. Hope you enjoy them.

Here’s the original Korean version of Nobody

It was back in March, when I first came across this video. At first I was WTF is this kid doing and why is he listening to this Korean song. Then by the second verse, I found myself hooked on the song as well. This YouTuber actually has two versions of this dance. He did another one a few months later to enter a Nobody dance contest. The second one is executed much better but it doesn’t have the charm of the first one.

This girl below even did costume changes to simulate a group feel. LOL.

Some of the best choreography in the video is done when the girls shuffle back and forth to form a new group configuration. These private school Thai boys do a great job of this shuffling.

My last video is submitted by PumaShock. I’m not even sure if she speaks Korean but she sings it quite well. Take a look for yourself.