Today is Thanksgiving Day here In Canada, a time where most people enjoy a delicious and turkey feast, stuffing themselves to the point of getting a turkey coma (That was me last night).

Well, not everyone eats turkey (or meat for that matter) and for some reason I feel they’ll enjoy the following video even more than I did. After hearing neighbors’ stories of wild turkeys chasing down joggers and other residents in an Arden- area neighborhood in Sacramento, California, News10 producer Duffy Kelly went to get a firsthand look at the situation to see if the rumors were true.

When one of the turkeys spots her, it moves in for the attack. Listening to the woman freak out is absolutely hilarious. Especially when she screams for help and gets it from a random passing USPS truck. Still she insists on going for turkey seconds (as we do), and the turkey gives it right back to her. Does she make it out alive? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Happy Thanksgiving!