Whatya’ get when you put together the tallest mountain in Africa, a handful of drag queens, and some seemingly insane paragliders? Well, you may or may not be in Vancouver this Sunday but there’s a way to help out some great charities, or just read about a pretty breathtaking worldwide adventure.

Heels for Kilimanjaro is going to be a fun drag show with tons of local talent, including local bartender Guy Herrington (or that night, Lady Guy-Guy). This will all be raising proceeds towards the event Wings of Kilimanjaro, happening February 5th, 2013, a record breaking expedition in Africa. A group of over 1000 people, including guides and crew, will take 200 paragliders to the top of the mountain, in a once in a lifetime opportunity to paraglide off. And said local Guy Herrington will be one of them!

On January 27th 2013, adventurers from all over the globe will assemble at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The team, the largest ever group to attempt the world’s tallest free standing mountain, aim to ascend the 19,340 foot high and fly from the summit. The climb and paraglide mission, something that is usually banned by the Tanzanian Government, will raise over US$1 million for 3 charities making a difference on the ground in Eastern Africa; Plant With Purpose, WorldServe International and One Difference.

That’s right, the Tanzanian government is lifting the ban for just one day for these heroic people. And with so much to be raised for great organizations, and a lot of adventure to be had, I suggest you help make these people’s dreams come true.

If you are in Vancouver, the show is this Sunday, doors at 8:30, show at 9:30, and lots of door prizes to be won. Also, go to Wings of Kilimanjaro to read about the journey, or to help sponsor someone, or check out the charities at the links below. Lastly, make sure to keep your eye out. Someone you know may be doing it! It happened to me!