If you can’t grow scruff on your chest, this hair-raising fashion piece might be an alternative 😉 Growing out hair in the right places is certainly en vogue these days. I admit, I’m a sucker for a guy with a little fur.

Approximately over one million strands of male chest hair were required and took a team of fashion designers over 200 hours to create this piece. If you want it, it’s going to cause you a hefty sum- £2,499 to be exact. Wing Co.– a milk drink for men- commissioned the making of the jacket as a protest against the widespread ‘manning-down’ of British men, typified by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that they chose a model manscaped within an inch of his life to show off the jacket. NOT.

As a side note, I wonder exactly how the designers obtained all the chest hair and more importantly from whom? I’m curious to know what kind of fragrance the jacket emits. A sensual musky smell or some nasty musty stench. Inquiring minds want to know. Check out a couple more images of the jacket below.