More Food, Less Wine, Make Vancouver Go…Something Something


Okay that Simpson’s reference had nothing to do with anything besides the fact it was on the Halloween special I just caught on the boob. Down to business.

New liquor by-law for our already liquor by-law saturated city. Did you know Vancouver is known as the no fun city? Oh yeah. In comparison to the rest of the world, our bars close early, our party restrictions are suffocating, we have the second highest liquor taxes in the ENTIRE WORLD in the little province of BC (117% if I’m not mistaken), and now the City of Vancouver is making sure that when you dine in an establishment, you’re eating more than you’re drinking.

Apparently undercover-liquor-brothers have been stealthing restaurants and finding out that not everyone wants to eat, and they don’t like this. Aimed at restaurants with upscale wine lists, the new law says that a restaurant must have greater food than liquor sales in any given 8 hour period. That means that a server in the near future could be saying to you, “Sorry Sir, I’m going to have to get you to order a LESS expensive bottle of wine”, if it means it puts the restaurant over their limit for the serving period. Sounds like a joke doesn’t it?

Anyone that buys wine knows that BC governs it’s own wine prices and thinks their wines are all worth a MINIMUM of $20 RETAIL for a nice bottle. So instead of encouraging our little wine making operation in this province and helping our economy, you may be forced to buy a less expensive imported wine. Making more sense? Didn’t think so.

OKAY how about this then! The city’s raising restaurant taxes by $450,000 to hire FOOD POLICE to examine restaurant’s bills and receipts to make sure everyone’s playing by the rules in the right sandbox. But what the hell, it’s only a half a million dollars to have the po po tell you, less cabernet, more ribeye.

So, passed on October 8th, and coming into effect on January 1st 2010 (7 weeks before the Olympics), what better way to show the world that we have a stick up their asses, than micromanaging what they do with they’re dinner. Wow Vancouver. You’re really living up to your reputation. Next stop? PROHIBITION!

  • Adam

    Nic, where can I find the information that pertains to this article….is it on line in the city or provinces by-law areas?

  • Nic O.

    It’s been news in the Province and Vancouver Sun the last week Adam. Can find articles online at either sites.

  • Damara Smith

    oh my goodness. thats just silly.
    vancouver is full of party people….we wanna drink!

  • Dsx

    This and the HST are the two most unbelievably ridiculous government mandated changes I have heard of, I think ever. Way to go BC Politicians! This is sure to help us all in the aftermath of the Olympics! I need to get outta this damn country!