Man Crush: Wilson Bethel

I know I know, Man Crush is TOTALLY a Donovan thing, and sometimes I can’t even deal with some of his crushes but to each their own I guess, right? HOWEVER, I have seen probably the single most attractive man I have ever seen in my entire life on television the past 4 weeks. He is SO attractive that last night while watching his new show I rewound a scene when he came out of the water like 5 times. I CANNOT HANDLE IT!

His name is Wilson Bethel and he plays WADE on my new fave Monday night show “Hart of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson. At first viewing of this show I was hooked, and then Wade came into the story and I literally did one of those cartoon eyes popping out of my head things, then I clutched my pearls, then I took a cold shower. I’m not even kidding.

Wilson was a regular on Y&R (The Young & The Restless), and obviously so. He’s pretty much made for a soap opera, however I don’t watch soaps…I have a job. So needless to say I didn’t even know who this stud was until Hart of Dixie (Which got picked up for a full season thank you Jesus). He’s 27, a Pisces and pretty much the man of my dreams. Ok enough chit chatter, I’m going to post pictures of him and try to do the cheesy comment Donovan does on his Man Crushes. Wish me luck!

Look at that GORGEOUS face…I know what I’d like to do to that face. (Am I on the right track Donovan? That’s how these lines work right?)

I’m a sucker for someone with a great smile and amazing teeth…and perfect cheekbones, and a jaw that looks like he chisels it everyday.

And there is it. The face, the body, the cute smile…oy. I just can’t even handle it. So pretty.

So serious in shades.

This is from his Y&R days…I really should’ve watched that show.

Here is the promo for last Monday night’s Hart of Dixie episode. You’ll see what I mean when I say I rewound the coming out of the lake part 5 times…swoon.

Here’s a great PSA he did, and no…you can’t put your shirt back on.

Editor’s Note: I couldn’t resist adding one picture and making a cheesy comment of my own. Here’s a still from Y&R. He’s young and I’d definitely “restless”, wrestle, rustle… whatever with him. xoxo Donovan

  • benjamin

    when zoe has the fantasy about him!!! dead…

  • DONOVAN! HAHAHA Your editor’s note KILLS me!

    @Benjamin Zoe’s fantasy, I couldn’t even handle it. too much.

  • zurvivor

    i was not interested on hart of dixie until u post about him here. from now on, i am gonna follow the show.

  • D.L

    I love the show. Wilson is so gorgeous. I would have watched YR again to see him, too. I catch Hart of Dixie just to see him.