Willow Smith Lives It Up In “21st Century Girl” Music Video

The Fresh Princess of Belair, Willow Smith has tamed down her hair since her last video and gets jiggy with it in her “21st Century Girl” Rich Lee directed music video that just came out today.

With a little bit of magic in the intro, an old woman (played by Cicely Tyson) summons Willow from the sand in the desert. She’s wearing a hooded outfit, and with a hood on and no make up she likes identical to her father, Will. From there Willow and her crew run through the sand, occassionally pulling random objects out of the sand like…cars and sky-rise buildings..You know, normal types stuff. Actually, I have to say the effects in this video are pretty cool.

Eventually the desert turns into the city, and the 21st Century girls in the vid rock it out on the streets in their colorful, funky outfits (Willow wearing a “Boys Need Training” shirt) amidst the surrounding towering buildings. I’m confident as this girl continues to come into her own, she’s going to be on top of the music scene for many years to come…the next generation of teen pop stars.