“Umm, HELLO?! Can we get the party started? YEAH!” I absolutely can’t get enough of this song. I had sort of forgotten about it until Ms. Willow Smith performed the track recently on X Factor. This little girl is star, there is no doubt but with parents with Will & Jada Smith, is there any doubt? To make this single a bonafide hit, add one part Nicki Minaj to spit a fierce rap on a verse and then hire one of the best music video directors in the game to create a great video. I’m talking about Hype Williams.

On Monday, Willow released two preview clips to get peeps hyped for the new video. The first clip was just a collage of news clips about meteors and fireballs heading towards the earth while the second was clips from the official video. Like her last video 21st Century Girl and previous viral hit Whip My Hair, Willow brings the dance moves to this vid and rocks out some serious krumping with a barrage of back up dancers.

When I watch this video, I have a hard time remembering that Willow is only freakin’ 11-years-old. Like WHAT?! When you watch this girl give some serious face and ‘tude in the video, you’ll see why that blows your mind. One thing I do have to say is what the hell is Nicki Minaj wearing? It looks like that outfit Rachel Berry tried to wear for Gaga Week. But if anyone can pull it off (or attempt to), it’s Nicki. Check out the new video below.

Willow Smith & Nicki Minaj – “Fireball”

This is the lead-off track for Willow’s forthcoming album, Willow: You Think You Know Me which will hit stores April 3. What did you think of Fireball? Sound off below.