Just when you thought he couldn’t do any more damage to the Hantz family reputation and to himself, Willie Hantz has just been arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Only a matter of days ago Willie Hantz was expelled from the Big Brother 14 house for physical violence against his housemates which is quite obviously against the rules.

Now, TMZ has broken the news that Hantz (who is the brother of Survivor villain, Russell Hantz) has been arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI – operating a vehicle while intoxicated.. He apparently refused to do a breathalyzer and a blood test to determine if he was over the legal limit. Wow, I’m sure Britney and the rest of the team would be so impressed. This guy is on a downward spiral and needs help. If case you’ve missed his faced since his expulsion from the Big Brother house, you can check out his mug shot below.

On another note, can’t wait to watch tonight’s elimination episode and read Conway‘s recap afterward!