Editors Note: Although this post was written December of 2010, since Levy is appearing on DWTS Season 14, with thought you’d like to get to know him a bit better 😉

For this week’s man crush, I decided to go south of the border and fish in the land of telenovelas. Cuban actor William Levy, is the lucky guy I caught but didn’t release. This sexy juicy bass is too good to throw back into the ocean. Born in Havana, Levy and his family migrated to Miami when he was twelve. Eventually they moved to California where he attended USC.

The 30-year-old actor began his career as a male model and was represented by top agency, Next Models. Given his smoking hot body, he was a natural choice to model plenty of underwear and swimsuits. His breakthrough in Mexican soap operas, was in Pasión. He did such a great job, he was later cast him as the lead in Cuidado con el Angel. The show averaged about 45.7 million viewers per evening on Univision. YOWZA, that’s quadruple what Glee attracts every week. Other notable telenovelas he’s starred in include El Triunfo del Amor and Sortilegio. He starred in Jennifer Lopez‘s “I’m Into You” music video and is going to be in Season 14 of Dancing With The Stars.

Sorry boys and girls, William has been with his partner Elizabeth Gutierrez since 2003. The two have two children. A son named Christopher and a daughter named Kailey. He is of Jewish ancestry on his maternal grandfather side, but converted to Catholicism in 2009.

What a tease! Just take off the tank top already.

This is such a telenovela shot. I wonder what over-the-top scene he has to participate in here.

It takes a real man to wear white jeans. Well, maybe not a real man, but definitely a hot man.

Why must so many hot guys always cock tease us by going naked, only to cover their goodies with a cowboy hat. PS. If you want to see his junk, there are plenty of him on google posing in very sheer underwear.

With such hairy arms and legs, you know his chest probably sports a natural fuzz. I bet he makes one hot bear.

A rebel with a cause.

I really need to start watching telenovelas. They subtitle them in English, right?

Such a devilish smile.

Is that a banana in his hammock, or is he just glad to see us?

Yes, William is horse hung. Woops, was that even a question?

Perfect sized nipples. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. I could suck on them for days.

He reminds of me of a younger, hotter, sexier version of Harry Connick, Jr.

One last shot of him in his shirtless glory. He’s got a great set of c*m gutters too.