Former RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Willam Belli is back with Episode 3 of her new web series, Willam’s Beatdown, which is in association with The Stylish. If you’ve watched the first two episodes, you must be as excited as I am that the third one has finally arrived after a holiday delay. If you don’t know what the concept is, Willam says it best: “I watch videos and I’m gonna teach you how to be better… through the faults of others.” If you missed the first two episodes, I’ve also included the links to those below.

This week, Willam takes on the princess of YouTube beauty videos, Blair Fowler! Also on the chopping block are newspaper nails and Kool-Aid hair dye! Yeah, as you can imagine Willam has some fun with those. At the beginning of the video, Willam takes on a guy named Gregory Gorgeous who provides all sorts of makeup tips and Willam looks like she’s about to explode. LOL.

Watch the latest episode below, and be sure to watch the other two if you haven’t yet. Seriously, this queen is harsh…and hilarious. Enjoy!

‘Willam’s Beatdown’ Episode 3

Willam’s Beatdown: Episode 1 and Episode 2