Alaska, Willam & More Recreate Memorable Golden Girls Scene For Safe Sex PSA

alaska-willam-golden-girls-parodyImpulse Group Los Angeles teamed up with RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites Alaska and Willam, West Hollywood icon Allusia Alusia, Glee‘s Alex Newell and drag legend Jackie Beat for this safe sex PSA. With director Brad Hammer on deck, they created an entertaining and informative clip using The Golden Girls as inspiration. I love me some Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia so, obviously, I’m all over this like a horny Blanche on a man.

“The Golden Girls were and, in some ways, still are, ahead of their time,” said Impulse President and Founder Jose Ramos. “When our Impulse Program manager suggested we combine Impulse’s goals with such an iconic moment as Bea Arthur screaming ‘CONDOMS ROSE! Condoms!’ it felt like a great chance to not only remind people of the importance of condom use, but also update the scene by bringing in modern day protections such as a Truvada to show that safe sex can mean a wider range of methods.”

Anyone who’s watched the classic sitcom will fondly remember the scene where the ladies stocked up on condoms before going away on a romantic getaway with their respective men. Remember when the cashier used the store’s PA system for a price check? The girls were mortified. Watch this PSA recreate that moment below, along with the original scene. Both are equally funny in their own right.

Condoms Rose!! Condoms, Condoms, Condoms! – The Golden Girls