First Look: Will Young’s “Losing Myself” Music Video

Britain’s first ever Pop Idol has released his latest video and single titled “Losing Myself” and after hearing it, I’m disappointed in myself for not taking note of him sooner. Will Young won the inaugural season of the show way back 2002 and not unlike America’s first winner, Kelly Clarkson, has been one of the show’s most successful winners selling well over eight million albums worldwide. Will also came out in March of 2002 in an attempt to preempt a tabloid who was threatening to out him. However in his statement, Will claimed he had never hid his sexuality and was fine with being open and honest about it.

Will’s album Echoes was released last year and “Losing Myself” is the third single to be released from the platinum selling album. To support the release of the album last year, British network ITV2 aired a program titled A Night With Will Young where Will performed multiple tracks from the new album as well as some of his biggest hits. Will has previously released “Jealousy” and “Come On” as singles from the album and his latest will officially hit shelves on March 18. Check out the music video below.

Will Young, “Losing Myself”

As much as I love this video and what some people are claiming as utter “originality”, I can’t help but notice it’s resemblance to a Chemical Brothers 2003 music video for their track “Let Forever Be“. Check it out below and see the similarities for yourself.

The Chemical Brothers, “Let Forever Be”

Similar concepts without a doubt but definitely, different treatments and takes on both tracks. What do you think of Will Young’s latest release? Sound off below.