Hey Big Brother fans. Remember Will Wikle? He was a contestant on the fifth season of the famous summer reality show. The openly gay registered nurse was the sixth person to be voted out of the house and became the first member of the jury. Post BB, Will went on to co-host a show on Logo titled Round Trip Ticket where he would travel to different international locations and find the alternative, non-beaten path of fun in each location.

Following his appearance on that show, he joined other gay and lesbian folks who had appeared on Logo for a reunion show titled Real Gay and also competed on Bravo’s sports/reality show, Battle of the Network Reality Stars. But, you may remember spotting a villanis Will playing the role of Jasper in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild.

Now, it seems that Mr. Wikle has found himself a new night job and no, it’s not working the graveyard shift at any hospital in America. In a new article written by Will for Papermag, the reality star goes on to explain his new side hobbie which kind of came on as an accident, but we learn through his article that was something he was always blessed with. Are you super curious? I’ll give you one hint and it’s his quote: “with the stress of literally holding someone’s life in my hands all day, it’s comforting to think some people fantasize about holding parts of me in their hands all night.”

If you guessed go-go dancer than you are absolutely right! Will writes in his mini-memoir for the mag about how as a kid, he new he had the gift of dance and booty bouncing. His black girlfriends in high school said he had the “reindeer booty” in his class. He had dreams of back up dancing for Janet Jackson or Britney Spears but hailing from the bible belt, his parents wouldn’t entertain the idea. After moving to New York to find himself, Will became a registered nurse, found his first love and built some loving friendships that he can now call family. So, how did this former reality star get his shot dancing on a podium? You can chalk it all up to a little go-go crush.

It wasn’t until a year ago that I officially made my dancing debut, when I was asked by my New York go-go crush, Matthew Camp, to dance with him one night at Sugarland in Brooklyn. I said yes, thinking that at the very least maybe I’d get to make out with him in the dressing room. That Saturday, I worked my shift as an emergency room nurse and then reported for duty at the bar. Upon arrival, Matthew immediately pushed me on top of the box in my high-tops and jock strap. After some initial stage fright, I quickly found myself dropping it low.

Will has danced all over the city and by the looks of things, he’s LOVING it. I’m sure the sexy stud gets all the numbers. All of them. In the mag, Will also gave his Top Five Go-Go Essentials. Check them out below:

  • 1. Nike high-top sneakers:
    The bigger and chunkier, the better your legs will look sprouting out the top.
  • 2. Timoteo jock strap:
    Basic underwear might get you enough tips for an Old Navy duffel, but showing your ass guarantees a Louis Vuitton travel bag.
  • 3. Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel:
    This will make all the right body parts shine, even in the pitch black dark.
  • 4. New York Yankees baseball cap:
    A fitted cap is the go-go’s high fashion sweatband.
  • 5. The official go-go buzz cut:
    Go see Humberto at VL Studio on Christopher Street for the best $12 fade you’ll ever get in your life.

To check out Will’s full article, CLICK HERE.