So when I was ten years old I was still playing tag on the playground, avoiding baths, and throwing my controller at the TV every time I lost at WWF Wrestle 2000. I was definitely not standing up for human rights equalities like Will Phillips.

Will hails from Arkansas where, while in class, a substitute teacher told the kids to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Will flat out refused. After repeated efforts by the teacher, Will told her to “go jump off a bridge”, and that he would not recite the Pledge until gays and lesbians had the right to marry. Apparently the whole “liberty and justice for all” has Will as irked as everyone should be.

“Because I have many — I’ve grown up with a lot of people and good friends with a lot of people that are gay and I really — I think they should have the rights all people should. And I’m not going to swear that they do.”

Well the Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that it is a RIGHT to Pledge Allegiance, but not a MUST, so really besides telling the teacher to dive head first into deep water, Will didn’t really do anything wrong. Still he was sent to the principal’s office, reprimanded, and his Mother was called. After hearing the story, Will’s Mother asked the Principal to apologize to her son, but the Principal refused (BIG SURPRISE!).

Will has since written a formal letter of apology to the teacher for his rude behaviour, but his parents are fully supporting him in this. YUSSSS! Some sane parents! Will’s Father has discussed with his son that there may be certain ramifications, and Will understands this, especially after being called a “gay wad” in school. When interviewed by CNN, Will made clear he didn’t know what a gay wad was, and that he was sure it was just a “discriminatory name for homosexuals”. THIS KID IS KILLING ME HERE!!

Just like Cynthia Stewart, Will Phillips is exercising his right as a free American to stand up for what he believes in. This trend is contagious. If you’ve ever been in a situation that you saw injustice, but you were too cowardly to stand up for it, know that if it’s possible for a ten year old not to be ashamed that he feels LGBT people should marry, that anyone, including you, can do the same thing and possibly change someone’s mind in a situation that they never looked at a certain way. Make a difference.

Check out CNN’s inteview with this brave boy: