I have to be honest in saying, I don’t really dig Will.i.am without his backup band Black Eyed Peas counterparts. His first album intrigued me slightly but his latest solo efforts for his forthcoming solo album titled #willpower have less than impressed me.

In his latest effort, Will teams up with Steve Angello who is one third of the unreal DJ and production trio, Swedish House Mafia. The track also features the vocals of Eva Simmons who definitely puts a different yet, similar spin to what Fergie usually offers on a BEP track. I can’t lie – I’m not a huge fan of this track and don’t expect to place it on my iPhone anytime soon. However, as many songs do, a few listens and drunken night dancing to it at the club could probably easily persuade me to sing it’s praises. I’ll let you decide. Give a listen to “This Is Love” below.

Will.i.am feat. Eva Simmons, “This Is Love”