Forget Jem & The Holograms, it’s all about and the Bieber hologram. I know our site has our fair share of and Justin Bieber haters, so be forewarned. The Black Eyed Peas member is surrounded by multiple look-alikes, while the Biebs pop up as a ghostly hologram. I’m sure it’s every hater’s worst nightmare.

I’m not the biggest fan of either artist but I appreciate a high-concept well-executed clip. I can give props when warranted. I even half-debated writing this yesterday, but after watching it a few times, I decided to write a post about it.

Ben Mor directs the clip which is set in a futuristic Asian world. It’s all very I, Robot meets Star Wars. sports his unflattering harem drop pants while meticulously executing robotic choreography. Meanwhile, Justin takes a page from Tupac’s Coachella appearance last year and only appears in holographic form. Check out the clip below. ‘#thatPOWER’ ft. Justin Bieber

What do you think of the clip? Even if you’re not a fan of either artist, you have to admit, it’s not bad. Sound off below.