Model Behavior: Will Grant

Since New York Fashion Week begins this week, I was all set to pick a high fashion model to highlight. That plan instantly got derailed the second I saw this sexy beast. I immediately had to snatch up Will Grant for my Model Behavior feature before Patrick swiped him for his Sports Stud series. After all, Grant is not only a fitness model but an athlete as well.

Originally hailing from Seattle, Washington, Will Grant entered the BMX world at the age of 16. Since then, he’s become a two-time National Champion. Grant currently resides in Florida where he trains for his competitions and also works as a fitness model. With that sculpted body, it’s not shocking he’s often photographed wearing just underwear or swimsuits. Get to know every inch of Will’s sexy body in several shirtless pics below.

Calvin Klein needs to put this guy on their underwear boxes. Product would fly off the shelves. No doubt.

I’d go off-roading on that tight body with no helmet *wink*

His goodies look all snug and supported.

He really needs to do more crunches 😉

Love that vein above his shorts. GROWL.

Taking a little break.

He’s packing front and back. Booty tooch indeed.

He’d look even hotter with a little chest hair, don’t you think?

Vroom, vroom.

I wonder if that mark on his lower abs is a birthmark or a kiss tattoo. I think I need to investigate 😉

Showing off a playful side. And I’m loving the facial hair.

If he was my trainer, I’d be at the gym every day.

Good-bye Will. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

To get to know Will Grant more, head over to his official website.

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  • Slade

    Im pretty sure he is the hottest guy ever featured on the website!!! Im in heaven!!

  • Bret

    I totally agree with Slade. That guy is smoking hot.

  • Andrew

    Ugh! Can he BE any hotter?

  • MauiKane

    Great looking face, perfect body…no doubt just about the hottest model around.
    Just one thing, though … visited his website and viewed the short video; Will needs to improve his walk if he wants to do runway and thus expand his modeling career.

  • YES! Drooooool

  • Stephen


  • Ryan

    I thought I was too young to worry about cardiac arrest…dude got my blood pressure pumpin’!

  • Donny

    He’s attractive and has a nice body. Nothing special, though. And any guy without armpit hair is not sexy.

  • Justin

    @Stephen – more like “butt on my face!” 🙂 sorry…just bein’ honest.