YouTube Helps Female Stars Eff Hollywood With New “Wigs” Channel

A new YouTube channel called “Wigs” that will feature a number of original web series, all of them telling stories about strong women. They’ll be produced and directed by top Hollywood directors and feature actresses like Jennifer Garner, Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, Dakota Fanning and many more.

The channel will be under the direction of Black Swan director Jon Avnet and In Treatment creator Rodrigo Garcia (who’s also the son of writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez). “It is really appalling the way that female characters and the actresses playing them are subjected to the many layers of approval of how hair should look,” Garcia says of his past experience working in TV. “It’s things like whether you should and must wear heels while you’re gunning down people in an alley. It’s really a relentless judgment that’s passed about how a woman should look.” He also added, “Here’s something you hear all the time: ‘Is she likable enough? Can we make her more likable?’ That’s the kind of scrutiny and judgment that the system puts on female characters.”

Watch the sizzler trailer for the new channel below. There will be new content every single weekday, beginning May 14, 2012.