LMFAO: Siri Caught In Between Wife And Husband’s Argument

Earlier today, Tyrell wrote about a faux Siri commercial that Ellen Degeneres did, where Siri recognizes Ellen’s voice and becomes completely starstruck and ineffective at helping Ellen accomplish her tasks.

Today, I came across another hilarious video (by CollegeHumor) that I simply could not wait to show you. The following video shows Siri getting caught in the middle of an intense argument between a husband and wife. The argument starts off with, “Tell my wife I’m going to be 30 minutes late.” The wife responds, “Tell my husband I’m not surprised.” It’s all downhill from there and Siri is caught in the middle.

With the Apple commercial music playing in the background, Siri tries to provide solutions to help resolve the argument, but things only get worse. The video is “laugh out loud” funny for sure.

  • This is a college humour movie. Seriously funny.

  • anon

    funny…yet odd at the end (ad for blackwater)