As promised, here’s the second Man Crush of this week. Not only did I want to make up for the fact I didn’t write one last week, but I feared my crush post on Jeremy Jordan didn’t provide enough skin for all you horn dogs out there. Trust me, I know what my Man Crush fans want. Plus, I thought a little buff eye candy could serve as inspiration and motivation to hit the gym. With the month almost halfway through, I know some of you are probably on the verge of abandoning your New Year’s resolution to become fitter in 2012. Just imagine Wiehahn Stiglingh as you push yourself to do one more crunch, rep, situp, etc…

Wiehahn Stiglingh is a Financial Advisor from Cape Town, South Africa. Men’s Health photographers went on a search to select a few local South African studs to show off their bodies for them. Wiehahn was the lucky one chosen to grace the South African issue. His image proved so hot, the publication used it for several international editions including UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Mexico and all Latin American ones.

The issue must have produced some impressive sales numbers, because Men’s Health used him again for their January 2012 issue, titled “New Year, New You“. Check out Wiehahn’s sexy pics below. You’ll either find yourself in the gym five minutes after reading this post or exhausted from *ahem* you know what 😉

Now, this is the definition of a Man Crush. Love the hairy arms.

Just in case you thought all that hotness in the previous picture was just Photoshop magic, here’s an outtake from the photo shoot. No enhancing needed on his buff bod.

Who knew South African men were so hot? I think a trip to Cape Town is in order soon.

I think I need to visualize this as I do my crunches. No pain, no gain, right?

Forget Justin Timberlake. This is what I call a SexyBack.

Who doesn’t love a little man cleavage, right?

He proved so popular, Men’s Health used him again for their January 2012 issue. If this doesn’t inspire you to hit the gym, nothing will.

Does he still do it for you with clothes on? Be honest.

Doesn’t he remind you of David Chokachi from “Baywatch”. Now that’s one sandwich I’d like to be the meat in.