If you caught the first live show of The X Factor this season, you know that this season’s manufactured girl group, LYLAS, was forced to change their name for “boring reasons” as Simon Cowell explained. Those boring reasons were legal issues stemming from another group already staking claim on the name. Guess Cowell didn’t want to get into another huge legal battle like he did to keep One Direction’s name.

The girl group formerly named LYLAS are now going by 1432 which stands for ‘I Love You 2‘. LAME. Maybe third time’s a charm. Try again ladies. This time make sure the show does its due diligence before revealing the new name publicly.

So who are these little-known LYLAS? The name is actually an acronym for “Love You Like A Sister“. As it turns out, the first LYLAS are actually sisters. In fact, they’re Bruno Mars’ sisters. The quartet hasn’t released an album yet but have a recording deal. In addition, the quartet have signed a modeling contract with Robinsons department stores. Just in case you’re wondering, they don’t look like Bruno Mars with long hair. In fact, they’re stunning. Check them out below, along with a piece by ENTV detailing name-gate.

The LYLAS (Bruno Mars’ Sisters)

X Factor Group Lylas VS Bruno Mars Family

Are you a fan of 1432 (formerly known as LYLAS)? If you were Cowell, what would you name the girl group? Sound off below.