Why Adam Lambert Could Lose Idol


Let me preface this post by saying that I am an UBER Lambert fan…I think we’re called GALMBERTS correct? I caught on a bit late this season, but have never jumped on a bandwagon faster than I did the Adam Lambert bandwagon. Yes he’s gorgeous, yes he’s a sister, but the bottom line to all of this is…YES HE CAN SING!

Sadly, that isn’t the only thing that is going to matter in this year’s Idol decision. It’s true that it’s not all about the voice. You need stage presence, a good look, you gotta be charming and approachable. Check all four for Adam Lambert. He’s got it all, but he’s also got one more thing…



I know what you’re thinking, how typical getting behind the nelly. Say what you will, but this is probably the first year that American Idol actually found one! They found a star. One of my good friends, legendary Drag Diva Joan-E, even went as far as saying he is Freddie Mercury re-incarnated. I can totally see that, and I’m sure everyone else does. The bitch has talent, can hit high notes, wears wicked threads, kills every performance, and even had Cowell give him a standing ovation which, if my memory serves me correctly, he’s never given a performer who isn’t already a star.



What’s the big deal right? Well, that little tidbit might be the reason he does not win this year’s idol competition.  I honestly STILL don’t think America is ready for it. Kris (who I think fucking sucks sweaty balls…and not in a good way) is apparently a major religion guy right? I don’t really know cause I don’t care about him, but from what I’ve been reading it’s sexuality vs. religion…

Not to mention that America has only gotten it right a couple times…they are kinda bad at picking their Idol! Hello, the only two that were any good are Kelly and Carrie. Like Ruben, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook..puhleeze they were all second rate to the real talents. TAYLOR HICKS, that one still makes me laugh. He’s like 500 years old…haha what a douche. FOCUS!


So, I guess what I’m saying is this. I really want  Adam Lambert to win. I think everyone does…but I’m honestly not going to be surprise if he doesn’t.

God, I REALLY hope I’m proved wrong. That would be SO fucking cool if the winner was a ‘mo!

OH and a sidenote, how much did the IDOL finale suck in general? How underwhelming. The Idol song sucks so hard, stupid 4th judge. Simon was trying so hard not to diss her. That’s one thing I like about Canadian Idol, is the winners song doesn’t suck SO bad. But Canadian Idol sucks in general. Remember Ryan Malcolm… what a geek. CANCON…right Jonny? FOCUS!


If Adam Lambert loses…I will never ever ever EVER again watch that show as long as I live for real. And I will have even less faith in the brains of Americans than I do now…Sorry Kevin.

  • KC

    America usually gets it right in the finale, so I’d bet that Adam will win. I must say, though – Kris Allen is ridiculously sexy. Who needs a high pitch voice when you can have a face like that? LOL.

    All joking aside, if Kris Allen wins, it will be because he has the tween girls backing. Never underestimate the power of Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers fans!

    On a side note, I think America got it right four times so far – David Cook was pretty awesome, and Jordin Sparks was the best from her group. (Granted, Jordin’s group wasn’t uber-talented, but she was still the best that year.)

  • NO WAY!
    David Archuletta was the best of his season not David Cook.
    Melinda Doolitle was the best her year not Jordin Sparks.
    Katherine MacPhee OR Daughtry NOT taylor Hicks
    Clay Aiken NOT Ruben

    Honestly, they NEVER get it right.

  • Mike

    Well first off Joan E being legendary is far from right so i hope your better at picking singers. 🙂

  • EW…Shame on you Mike.
    You’re one comment away from me kicking your ass.

  • Kodie

    I really Hope Kris Wins! I think Adam is super super talented, and Probably deserves to win based on his performances throughout the show. But does anybody really want to hear Adam do a whole album of the crap they get the winners to sing on the show?…Prob Not! He will have a much more successful Career If he comes Second…He will no doubt get signed and Be able to put out a way better album with the kind of music he wants to do (eg. Daughtry, Jacob Hogard, Jennifer Hudson!) just sayin….Losing American idol isn’t always a Bad thing for your Career……..Ruben Who? Fantasia What?

  • Mike

    mmmm Tommy you tease. 😉


    Listen Kodie, you do have a point. But the whole reason of that show is to find and crown the best singing senation. If they are just going by what they say, he should win.

  • Jonny

    LOL CANCON! Oh Tommy…..I actually played Chris Allen’s version of “Heartless” (originally by Kanye West) on my radio show today. Got lots of great e-mails and calls about it, and it was the BROADCAST version, not a studio recording.

    The problem I have with Lambert is that YES, he’s amazing, YES he can sing, and YES he’s got the star power. I just don’t know where he would fit.

    Chris Allen= easy marketing. He could get radio/non traditional airplay because he pleases the masses. I hate being homoginized, but that’s what sells. Niches have a harder time (not impossible, just harder.) Would conventional outlets play a Lambert song that was his, and not just a version of someone elses? I hope so, because I think he’s great. My only concern is, after this, can he still hit the high notes in his future career vs. into the mic on a TV show.

  • OOOOOOO pretty deep Staub. I like how you used my “hit the high notes” comment and spun it. Well done.

    You say that about Lamber, but what about Kris (spell is right lady!) You played his version of Heartless…do you think he would be able to last singing his own stuff? Yes he appeals to the masses, but I honestly think that’s done. Didn’t Ruben, and Fantasia, and those other “winners” appeal to the masses…look at them now.

    Honestly, I think Kris would dissapear about a million times fater than Adam would.

  • Jared

    You discount Ruben and Fantasia. Fantasia is pretty big in the R&B world and is seen quite a bit on BET from what I know. Just because they aren’t big in mainstream pop, doesn’t mean they aren’t big. Don’t forget that Americans are picking their idol, not a Canadian idol. What’s mainstream for them isn’t necessarily exactly the same as for us.

  • Ruben was dropped from his label.
    Pretty much every single idol was dropped from their label except kelly and carrie…and david cook cause hes too new.

  • I totally agree with Kodie.
    I’m not sure how their contracts work for the show, but i’m SURE the first place winner is way more constrained in what they eventually put out in their first CD… and SERIOUSLY, if that finale song is ANY indication of what the “good people at idol” produce then I almost HOPE adam loses tonight because ANYone singing that stuff has no real career ahead of them (ie. the majority of the first place winners save kelly and carrie… NO fantasia and david do not count).

  • Omar

    Thanks to Jared for clarifying that Fantasia actually DOES have a career outside the world of POP. Her single “When I See You” spent more than 8 weeks at #1 in ’07 on the US R&B charts, where she is a huge star. Also she spent some time on Broadway doing “The Color Purple”; which is a great achievement for any artist. Currently she is working on new material for 19 entertainment.

    As for Jordin Sparks, she was the best choice for Idol winner in 2007. True, Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle might have had more seasoned vocal talent, but she had the most potential as a pop star that 19 entertainment could mold in that direction. She’s sold at least a couple million of her debut album and had four top 20 hits (a fifth soon to follow with “Battlefield”).

    AND Jordin, btw, has not been dropped by any label…

  • I actually like Sparks!

  • Ryan

    I’m with you Tommy on hoping Adam wins. Also agree that Fantasia & Ruben are from the definition of successful idols. Like you said, Ruben was dropped from his label and Fantasia has filed for bankruptcy TWICE (Simon bailed her out once).
    I think EVERY Idol does well when they first come out, they all have a hit single because everyone knows who they are and have had to listen to them for 15 weeks. BUT… it’s all about staying power. Kelly & Carrie have proven to be lasting influences…. but after one album, where are the rest of them? Most of them are lucky to have one top ten single!
    Also, I’d say the biggest failure was Taylor Hicks, who has been dropped from two labels and now works on a traveling production of Grease, as teen angel… uh hunh.

  • Ryan

    Oh…. and Jordin Sparks is only MARGINALLY successful, in that her album was bombing until she released “No Air” with Chris “BeatHerDown” Brown (who was huge at that time) and managed to score a huge (duet) hit. She hasn’t had the critical acclaim that Kelly and Carrie have had, but has managed to hang in there, mostly due to the support of adult contemporary and christian radio.

  • Omar

    Ryan: “marginally successful”? Please, yes I will admit that “No Air” is her biggest hit, BUT she had two big hits prior to it. “This Is My Now” (#15 billboard hot 100) and “Tattoo” (#8 billboard) and another big POP hit “One Step At A Time” right after. Her album had gone gold prior to anything “No Air” related, so I wouldn’t count her out just yet. Not saying she is as big as Carrie or Kelly, but she definitely has a pop star status. Her new single “Battlefield” already has received an enormous amount of downloads after her performance on Idol last week and it will 100% become another top 10 hit for her. Quote me on that one, and it will be played on top 40 radio (not only A/C and Christian).

  • I totally agree with Omar. Though I admit Jordin is not in the same stratosphere as Carrie nor Kelly, she has done pretty well considering she wasn’t the best vocalist during her season- Melinda, Lakisha and Sabrina owned her in that department. Hell, I even wanted Blake to win over her. After hearing her album she won me over with Tattoo, One Step at a Time and No Air. Even if you take Chris Brown out of that equation and put in some other random R&B singer that song would’ve hit big. I think she’ll be even bigger with her second album.

  • square_peg

    American Idol only got it right ONCE. That was Season 5 when they crowned Taylor Hicks Idol. I will keep on saying this: selling records does not necessarily equal talent. Carrie does absolutely nothing for me. She’s utterly boring….hence her nickname “FarmBot”. She seems nice, and reasonably talented, but no stage presence or charisma. All which Taylor has many times over. Taylor will always be my Idol!

    I’m not going to lose much sleep over Adam coming in second. He’s mega-talented, Simon loves him, and I’m sure he will get a recording contract. He will not be bound by his Idol contract. In case you are unaware of this, many super talents are gay. Elton John for one. Adam will go far.

  • tdx3fan

    How in the hell are you going to diss Taylor Hicks when she has continuously topped all the charts. The girl has talent. She makes good music. She escaped the Idol machine and is much better off for it. The reason Adam didn’t win had little to do with his sexuality. What I think really hurt him is he was your typical drag diva and lets face it even the gay community hates 95% of the typical drag divas. Also, no he doesn’t have range. Someone with range doesn’t have to blow your ear drums out to hit high notes. Adam screamed to hit high notes because he had no range. I’m not going to say that he wasn’t talented, but the boy really should have stayed far far away from trying to have range because in the end it really did hurt him.

  • tdx3fan

    Ok, I admit to being an idiot about Taylor Hicks. Unfortunately, I created a permanent record of my stupidity on this site. Probably not the first to exist probably won’t be the last. Anyways, I still think what hurt Adam was his inability to have any range at all.

  • Gary keyes

    Jordin is a second rate American idol.
    I totally disagree.