“Nights are long, but you’re on your way to a brand new life around the bend!”

Who’s the Boss was the show that introduced the world to our first official “Manny”. Tony Micelli (played by Tony Danza) is former Cardinals second baseman forced to retire due to a shoulder injury. Wanting to get out of Brooklyn for the sake of his daughter Samantha (played by Alyssa Milano), he ends up taking a job as an live-in housekeeper in Fairfield, Connecticut. His boss? Advertising Executive Angela Bower (played by Judith Light). Angela has a son, Jonathan (played by Danny Pintauro) and then there is her mother Mona (played by Katherine Helmond). Mona was titled at the time as the “sexually progressive mother” who brought home her nightly dates that ranged from college students to silver fox CEO’s.

The title of the show played off the two lead characters. The obvious being that Judith was the breadwinner and that Tony stayed home. However, it seemed as though Tony ran the household truly begging the question, Who’s the Boss?

See where these 5 stars are now after the jump…


The 59 year old actor is currently set to star in a new reality TV series for A&E entitled Teach: Tony Danza. The concept of the show is Tony co-instructs a 10th Grade English class in Philadelphia. Before he starred in Taxi, Tony received a degree in History Education. His classroom contains 26 students and the show follows him throughout his first year at Northeast High School. The show is set to air its first episode on October 1st. He is also the voice of Rocky in the upcoming film Firedog.


This Who’s the Boss actress used this show to catapult her into super-stardom. After the show ended its 8th Season, Alyssa moved on to her next project, Melrose Place. Directly after that, she booked her spot on Charmed which ran for 8 Seasons. Alyssa was a guest star on an episode of ABC’s Castle and was a star on the same network’s Romantically Challenged . The show has since been canceled and Alyssa (according to IMDB) is unemployed. Awkward. However, she has been a flutter on Twitter.


You may recognize Judith from her last role on ABC’s Ugly Betty as Claire Meade. Before that, she played Judge Elizabeth Donnelly on Law & Order: SVU and still recurs that role to this day. Judith actually starred in an indie gay film entitled Save Me. Judith played the character of Gayle who runs “Genesis House”, a place where gay men can recover from their “affliction”. She meets an ill gay man named Matt and together, they learn to live with each other as they are as Matt reminds Gayle of her dead gay son. Its a great movie and a definite rent if you’ve never seen it.


For all you homos that live under a rock, Danny came out of the closet in 1997. Although he may or may not be an avid user of Grindr, Danny was caught using a gay adult personals site uploading a personal profile and some very naughty pictures. He listed himself as sexy, passionate, fun, verbal, obedient (obviously… Tony Danza was his manny after all) and open to anything. If you’re of age and not at work, and wanna see Who’s the Boss cock, Google it… its not hard to find.


I remember seeing Katherine on my TV as a kid after Who’s the Boss as the owner of the fictional Orlando Breakers in Coach. A random interesting fact that I discovered is that Katherine made an appearance in 1993 on the British version of Who’s the Boss called The Upper Hand. Katherine was the voice of Lizzie in Disney’s popular computer animated Cars and was last seen in a guest appearance spot on A&E’s The Glades.

Who’s the Boss currently only has Season 1 available on DVD for purchase but on my hunt for it, discovered it had spawned a XXX parody of the same name. Ay-Oh!