Listen To Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks “Celebrate”

A few days before her untimely death, Whitney Houston recorded a track for her upcoming film “Sparkle“. This duet with Jordin Sparks would turn out to be the final recording from the legend. Just a day after Sparks’ tribute to Houston at the Billboard Music Awards, “Celebrate” debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Produced by R. Kelly, the track is a fitting way to say good-bye to Whitney. It’s upbeat and has an uplifting tone. It’s the way I’d like to remember her. Definitely a satisfying epitaph for Houston’s career.

Speaking of the Billboard Music Awards, Houston was awarded the magazine’s Millenium Award for her contribution to music. Accepting it on her behalf was Whit’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and sister-in-law, Pat Houston. While I thought Bobbi Kristina presented herself perfectly, I wasn’t too impressed with Pat.

According to TMZ, Pat who was also Houston’s manager, was a pain in the ass to the show’s producers. Reports say, she was adamant she be allowed to go on stage with Bobbi Kristina. Pat’s opportunistic behavior doesn’t surprise me, given her upcoming reality docu-series, “Houston Family Chronicles“. Sounds like someone is trying to bleed every last dime she can from Whitney’s legacy. Not cool. Enough of my two cents, let’s move on to happier thoughts. Check out Jordin and Whitney’s track below.

Jordin Sparks & Whitney Houston “Celebrate”

What do you think? Do Jordin and Whitney’s voices blend well together? Did you watch the Billboard Music Awards last night? What do you think of the Whitney tribute? Sound off below.