White Party Palm Springs 25th Anniversary, Apr 25-28 2014 Announcement


Holy hell, do I already have to cut carbs out of my diet? It’s literally at freezing temperature in Vancouver and I’m looking to prep (both physically and mentally) for the incredible adventure that is White Party, Palm Springs 2014 (WPPS). Not only will Jeffrey Sanker– the party’s longstanding owner and developer- be pulling out all the stops and exploding the tiny desert town with an influx of all things hot, fun and gay, but this is their 25th anniversary… I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s a bit afraid of what that will entail. (Afraid means turned on right…?)

We’ve received a recent press release of the 3-day insane party with the deets on the location and specifics of the major events… but this is just the beginning. In the weeks and months to come we’ll keep you in the know on possible giveaways coming out for tickets as well as the lowdown on the acts and stars that will be performing and just generally attending with their awesomeness at this event. Below is the released plan for the weekend adventure and my specific opinion and recommendations on what you should know in prep for these parties. I personally cannot wait to get back down South to make up some new amazing memories… and, let’s be honest: bang some new amazing guys.

FRIDAY SPLASH POOL PARTY: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Kick off the weekend pool side at the Renaissance Hotel the first “official” pool party, as DJ Shane Stiel spins the sounds to get things started on the right note.

My Opinion: This is a must attend. First off, you’re (mostly) sober and it’s likely the most sane and with it you’ll be all weekend so it’s your best chance to ACCURATELY scope out your prey for the weekend. Otherwise, you’re coming in with beer and “etc.” goggles the rest of the time and might not wake up next to what you took home the night before. It’s a relaxed event and gets your tan going early.

“ADDICTED to White” FRIDAY UNDERWEAR PARTY: 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Presented by Title Sponsor ES COLLECTION – undress to impress! Leave behind your inhibitions and clothes and experience the ultimate underwear party. The night will feature DJ/Producer/Remixer Chris Cox & Grammy-Nominated DJ/Producer Tony Moran with special live performances. Our newly added lobby boudoir will entertain the sounds of DJ Chi Chi LaRue.

My Opinion: I actually had a BLAST at this event last year. It’s the kick off evening event for the weekend and is for the body proud. Come twinks, come muscle men, come bears (no literally, cum, for me 😉 I’m telling you this is one of the more free-spirited events as people let loose and bare it all. Particularly if you’ve been prepping physique-wise for months this is the party to show it off considering the lack of clothes and the fact that it’s early enough in the weekend that liquor won’t have completely destroyed the hard work you’ve done!

A wall-to-wall mash up of men in swimwear, this event will be unlike anything you have ever encountered. Spend the day poolside, catch some rays and mix and mingle in a sea of hard-earned abs. Saturday’s event is all about location. A brief elevator ride is the only obstacle between the pool party and guests staying at Renaissance host hotel; appropriately presented by Title Sponsor FLEX SPAS and featuring music from DJ Joshua D and Superstar DJ Manny Lehman. FLEX SPAS an integral part of Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party experience, will be drenching Saturday’s pool in “Pure Indulgence.” Don’t miss the Flex fun, including celebrity model and adult video star appearances, an interactive photo booth, along with non-stop giveaways – from luxurious towels & beach balls to sundry necessities like lip balm & sunscreen. LIVE performances happen throughout the day. VIP Cabanas are available.

My Opinion: I absolutely love that the press release on this party describes how easy it is to get from the pool up to a guy’s room above in the hotel… and it really is. This party will get you laid nooner style, let’s just say that. It’s packed and Patrick and I got most of our footage for the weekend from this one considering all the pool toys and hot boys.

WHITE PARTY 25 ICON: Saturday 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Truly decades in the making, Saturday night’s main event WHITE PARTY 25 ICON will secure its place in history as the reigning party by which all others are judged. Celebrate this anniversary dancing with thousands of men from around the planet – all dressed in white. The Palm Springs Convention Center will be transformed into an iconic alternate universe beyond anything your mind & body could imagine. Join the sea of men moving their bodies across a gargantuan dance floor while massive sound and spectacular state-of-the-art productions, with elaborate décor & visuals push the boundaries of what you never thought was possible. The beat and excitement will move into overdrive as we bring you the debut of BENT COLLECTIVE featuring DJ/Producers Danny Verde & Steven Redant (performing together as a duo for first time) and special live stage performances whose memories will live on long after the music has ended.

Arrive early as the excitement builds outside under the stars, in the ICONIC Dance Lounge….featuring the music of DJ Gustavo Scorpio. Be there as the anticipation reaches its peak and the inner convention center doors are finally thrown open, unveiling the unforgettable surprises that wait inside.

My Opinion: Definitely arrive early- they aren’t joking. First off, this is one of the most if not THE most attending party of the weekend (duh, it’s the title event) but there’s a LOT of boys attempting to get in and while you all will you want to be there early to lounge in the courtyard’s beautiful white decorations and relax before the club inside takes you over. The event itself is wall-to-wall white dress in every form from angel wings to skimpy briefs. I’d suggest dressing nice but getting ready to disrobe down to the minimums not long after you start dancing.

CLIMAX Afterhours: Saturday late 4 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Without skipping a beat, your experience evolves deep into night and past dawn. Located steps away in the Renaissance Hotel Ballroom. “After the White Party,” features the debut performance of DJ’s Alex Acosta and Ivan Gomez, serving as your night navigators. Let them chart the course of your musical journey ahead and give in to your primal urges.

My Opinion: First after party of the weekend separates the men from the boys. This one is for the hard core dancers who want to experience all the weekend has to offer. It goes till the early hours of the next morning and let’s you get out all your pent up “sexnergy” before you eventually crash and recharge for the next big day.

SUNDAY SPLASH POOL PARTY: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Relax and refresh while you bask in the sun and splash in the pool. Sunday will definitely be a FUNday as the temperatures soar and the clothes come off. Get your groove on because it’s all about the music poolside at the Renaissance Hotel featuring the sizzling sounds of DJ Dani Toro. VIP Cabanas are available.

My Opinion: RELAX is the right word for this one. Undoubtedly there will be big act to accompany this party and you’ll want to attend to meet up with friends chill by the poolside drink in hand and shades on to hide the slight bags from previous nights’ partying. Show off your last pair of cute trunks you bought and kiss a cute boy before the final events take all your attention.

SUNDAY CIRCUS ICON T DANCE: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.
It’s a celebration unlike any other. Some call it “breathtaking!” Others call it “magical.” But everyone agrees Sunday T Dance is “absolutely unforgettable!” Under spectacular desert skies, and amidst warm afternoon breezes, experience the largest outdoor T Dance in the world. Revel in the music of DJ’s GRIND, Wayne G. & Ralphi Rosario. Feel your senses come alive aboard the White Party Ferris Wheel – elevating riders to the highest point in the city – offering jaw dropping vistas of the party below. Witness performances live on stage from the greatest line-up of entertainers Jeffrey Sanker has ever assembled for a T Dance. Finally, when day turns to dusk, the journey culminates with the largest fireworks display in White Party history, choreographed to a special musical remix by Wayne G.

Spend your Sunday in style! Special VIP Bottle Service Cabanas are available at three price levels: “Silver,” “Gold” & “Iconic.” Visit www.jeffreysanker.com for more details and to make reservations.

My Opinion: This is THE party I wait for. This is THE party you’ll be talking about. The best of the best acts are lined up for this one and we’ll keep you in the know as they update this list so you know just who you’ll be dancing your ass off to into the night. This “circus” event is just that and is set up in a huge field like a brilliant carnival with Ferris wheel and decorations to match. It’s all outdoors and while everyone typically shows up in shorts and barely a shredded beater I would suggest that you remember this is the desert and it gets COLD come nighttime so consider jeans kiddos! You will NOT be leaving this party early the music and energy will be that amazing and I can only hope the firework show makes another appearance as the culmination of the weekend’s excitement.

CLOSING PARTY: Sunday late 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.
Finally, as the weekend nears its conclusion, feel the energy one final time, fueled by the music of DJ Guy Scheiman (making his White Party debut) along with legendary White Party DJ/Producer Abel. From the moment the doors open, this party will be pumping full throttle — from the action packed dance floor, to the electrified stage, to the outdoor patios – a dramatic close to the weekend spectacle as you gather together one final time for a memorable last dance.

My Opinion: Oh I loved this one. Last party, last night, last chance to dance it up. I stayed later at this one than I’m usually able to knowing that the next day was all rides home and facebook friends request as the studs you met the weekend through disappear off across the country. There’s often a surprisingly amazing act at this event and it’s worth attendance alone to see. Make sure you hit this one to say you fully experienced this entire event and if you see me there, say hi!

Well, there you go. The bones of the weekend and my “two cents” on it. You will find further posts and possibly some competitions written about over the next months as we get closer to this month and find out the details of what I know will be an amazing line up of established and up-and-coming stars. Keep tuned and definitely see you at WPPS 2014.

CLICK HERE to find out details, press and HOW TO BUY for WPPS

  • belladonnamadon

    Ive never been to the white party being that Im kind of young & haven’t had the chance to yet. Lol ( witch Im looking to change) When I saw this post I had good & bad feelings. lol I’ve heard alot about the DANGERS & FUN of the White party & as an music artist I would really like to perform there one day All I can say is if all the dangers rumors are true, just bring really good friends, Take Condoms & use commonsense. And Most importantly have the F*cking time of your LIFE!!!!!! I even wrote a song about what I think the circuit party scene would be like but Maybe I’ll go this time & see first hand.

  • Belladonnamadon: Thanks very much for the virgin interpretation of the event! Good to here from newcomers! It- like all parties- requires common sense to have fun and stay safe. You can go to a Friday night at your local bar and need to keep your wits about you. That said I am not a huge circuit boy and had an amazing time because (and you’re totally right on this) I went with awesome friends. Plus, you’ll meet guys who are in the best moods of their lives and are just there to have the “F*cking timf of their lives 😉
    I say go, learn, enjoy and see if one day you get to play there and get that goal. Good luck!