White Party Palm Springs 2015


Well Jeffrey Sanker certainly did it again.

I can’t say that I’ll be able to survive the WPPS experience my entire life as greys start to appear on my temple, but, until the day the day my knees finally give out on me (wow, that came out a lot dirtier than I wanted!), I’ll be attending and enjoying this epic event alongside friends and tricks, knowing that I’m experiencing one of THE parties of the year. 2015 was no disappointment.

The largest gay dance weekend in North America, over 30,000 men (and begrudgingly I admit a few women) arrive with sunscreen and not much else in hand to this event, ready to have the time of their lives. Not just a time to bang and run, this tiny town of overwhelming universal gay acceptance turns electric as men of all shapes and sizes are welcome and find a space to have an amazing time. That SAID, both the pictures you’ll see from this event and the majority of those in attendance you’ll actually meet, have been hitting the gym and skipping the carbs a BIT in prep for this one. So, while there’s a type for everyone: if your type is perfectly sculpted everything with a face to launch a thousand ships, you’re gonna have a great time here. I myself keep it trim to the point of looking like a PSA for malnutrition- and let me tell you: even an old twink like me can still find fun and love in the desert. And, so can you.

First up as always is the famed underwear party. This one is so fun to start off with because it’s often not what’s in the clothes that matter but the actual clothes themselves. And, while on paper that sounds incredibly superficial, it’s actually an affordable way to get noticed for things outside of your abs and in a way that doesn’t TOTALLY break the bank. Gay men and their underwear are like Sophie and whoever the hell she had to choose between: they’re forever. This party let’s men show off that piece of clothing they spend way more on than they should because the colour, the shape, the way it cups your… (well, you get my point) it tells a story to the guy dancing next to you about you. It fun to get attention for something that for the most part any of us can afford, and it’s a great ice breaker. Personally, I’ve been hittin’ it commando since I was 18, so to me this is like a costume party- and I love it. With performances by Kitty Glitter, Katy Tiz, and the music of DJ Dani Toro and DJ Kidd Madonny, I was in barely clothed heaven.


The pool parties of WPPS- and in particular the infamous Saturday Splash Party– are when I like to do the real cruising. Fine, half naked bumping into one another at a dance certainly gets the job down come 3AM, BUT, being able to actually chat with the guy next to you without having to plug both yours and his ear at the same time is golden. This year we had DJ Casey Alva and DJ Dan Slater to keep us movin’ around all sunny day, while Novel, Rich White Ladies and Nova Rockafeller kept our eyes entertained. This Saturday party is INFAMOUS for launching acts like the likes of Lady Gaga and I’m excited to see what these ladies have in store for us after killing it for the bathing boys of WPPS. Without a doubt, this one is the best way to get both your tan and your trick on so make sure you come ready with cute bathing suit in hand.

But, and I have to say, this was the REAL draw for the year. The exciting new piece for me for WPPS 2015 would have to be the Wet n’ Wild Water Park party added THIS year! With DJ Gustavo Scorpio, DJ Grind, and DJ Ray Rhodes spinning, we were offered 18 amazing water rides and attractions this year to cool down in that Palm Springs heat. One of THE smartest moves Jeffrey Sanker has brought in years, this event is a cooling release for those of us travelling more than the two hour drive or whatever it is from LA but rather escaping freezing and rainy Springs from places like the great white north. Combining the frivolity of youth and the impossible sexiness of EVERY man in attendance at this event, the Wet n Wild event let you have fun and cruise all the same time. Allowing you a damn accurate picture of what your crush would look like after a few hours in the sack, this soaking event had everything from a 132-foot long tunnel drop 75 into a six-story funnel, to a Tidal Wave Tower that threw you around better than your daddy bear ever could. It’s a new addition I hope they keep and definitely one worth the visit.


The White Party itself is the penultimate to ending the weekend and it allows for a BIT more clothing originality while keeping everyone in a sexy mood. This year we had DJ Chris Cox, DJ Chus & Ceballos, and the very sexy DJ Nacho Chapado spinning with opening by the O’Halley Brothers. This party allows for some stars of screen and otherwise to show their support for this event and the gays themselves and this year was no different. To the readers, the bigger of the appearances were by Frankie Grande of Big Brother gay fame as ambassador to the event itself and miss Kelly Osbourne of- well, christ, you better know who she is- fame as the official Queen of White Party 2015. Say what you will about that sassy brit’s mouth, you have to appreciate a girl who changes the colour of her hair as much as she does her dresses and who doesn’t back down from anyone. A staunch supporter of gay rights, I’m certainly happy with this year’s pick as she has never had anything but praise for how fabulous the gays are… and really, we are.


The main event. I saw this even though the night before is THE White Party of White Party. Everyone who goes, knows that it’s all about the Sunday T-Dance. This year we had the ever epic DJ Wayne G and DJ Ralphi Rosario spinning and letting us dance from mid-day sun into an always perfect looking dusk without stopping. The dance floor is packed but you can skirt around that and find friends and more booze than you’ll know what to do with as you wait for the main show to arrive. For me, I was most excited for Alex Newell of Glee fame. I know I know, I’m not a kid any more and this isn’t 2012 when the show was still killing it, BUT when this actor/singer came on and did “Starships” a few years ago on the show- I was HOOKED. And, Alex did not disappoint WPPS. To keep the fun going was Natalie La Rose of previous WPPS fame (and more than a few boasting articles on our site as we just LOVE her) and headliner LeAnn Rimes. The night had songs for everybody: new ones to learn to love and some oldies that we sang at the top of our lungs as we waited for the perennial fireworks show to take over and announce the end of another amazing year.


And, it was. Congrats to Jeffrey Sanker and the staff and performers of WPPS 2015: I can’t wait for next year.

  • belladonnamadon

    This mad me cry. ??????? Congrats Ellen. Growing up Queer maybe alot easier today then it was 10years ago but were still going threw hell. Lots of our friends still get called the F word,Gay bashed & killed Not all of us come from middle class Families that support us & I’m happy she talked about that. I felt like she was talking right to me. for people in the media that say its not a big deal anymore to be gay are ignorant ass holes. P.s Im Happy @ZacharyQuinto retweeted her I was hoping he did.

  • J Russell

    Nicely posted Bella…..I am glad to her you are doing well and have family support. Take care buddy. JR