Rising Artist Spotlight: White Party 2012 Edition

This past weekend, Patrick and I were fortunate enough to take a little work vacation down to Palm Springs to check out Jeffrey Sanker’s famous White Party. Admittedly, White Party wouldn’t usually be our scene, but after checking out a few of the artists hitting the multiple stages, we couldn’t help but want to fly down to be a part of the mayhem. Let me tell you, it was well worth the trip for the performances, the parties and of course, the sun. Let me tell you, I’m a lil’ burnt today.

One of my favorite experiences of the weekend was checking out a lot of the new, bubbling talent to hit the stage at the Splash! Pool Party on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Each of these femme fatales held their own on that stage and made me take notice of their unique music and style. So, I decided to feature five upcoming artists that I met over the weekend that have never been featured on our site before to introduce them to all of you gays that decided not to trek out to the desert over Easter weekend. Give them a listen below.

Niré Alldai

Niré AllDai isn’t new to the music business. In fact, she’s been penning songs for some of the industries biggest artists such as Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson and Starshell (who I will get to later). Being very creative and musically talented from a young age, Niré is ready to take on the challenge of stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist. Her music is just as colorful and fun as her style and sense of fashion which was apparent as I watched her perform the dance track Inside Out live at the pool party. Fun fact: Niré means “the one with wings.”

Doxi Jones

As soon as Doxi Jones stepped on stage at Splash!, I was totally obsessed. She opened her set with a dark, remixed cover of the classic track Heart of Glass which had all the homos singing along. Doxi is the child of a dream chasing mother who has toured the world with Chaka Khan and a father who lived from coast to coast playing saxophone. Despite the a trying childhood and going through many trials in her life, she’s ready to pull that passion together to create some amazing music. Her forthcoming single Die For You is absolutely killer. While it has yet to be officially released, a rough cut demo has hit the web and has been set to some footage from Prometheus. After a first listen, the hook will be in your head all day.

Kwanza Jones

If you’re a big follower of the dance music scene then there is no doubt you’ve heard the power house vocals of Kwanza Jones. This gal had a killer three-month run on Billboard Magazine’s “Dance/Club Play Song” chart with her single Thing Again. From the moment we met this girl, I knew she was a born performer and she only proved that on the stage. From her elaborate costume to her quirky character, this cross between Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga is unforgettable once you see her live. Her single Time To Go has easily become one of my new favorite tracks!

Liz Primo

When you see and hear Liz Primo, you’d never guess that she was raised in a Texas home where rock n’ roll music was prohibited. Thankfully, Liz had some friends who introduced her to MTV. At the age of 17, Liz moved to Nashville and immediately began working with some of the industry’s best to develop her sound. However, the Americana music she was producing didn’t seem to true to her as an artist. After hooking up with a rapper and singing hooks and vocals on some of his tracks, Liz came into her own and with some influence from electronic and house music, became the artist we know her as today. Check out Liz’s sexy video for Wind Me Up which I saw her perform live this past weekend.


You are going to LOVE my final artist spotlight. May I introduce you to Starshell. This infectious R&B chanteuse is the first female artist signed to Mary J. Blige’s new record label and after hearing her debut single Birthday Girl, you’ll understand why. Like many new artists hitting the scene right now, Starshell began her career as a songwriter penning songs for her current boss, Blige. Now, she is ready to shine on her and own and there is no doubt that this gal has star power to go all the way. Patrick compared her presence to Beyoncé and I love that she has the swagger of Ashanti as well. I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Did you check out White Party this weekend? Which one of these 5 was your favorite new up-and-coming artist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

  • Lynette

    Kwanza Jones rocked the house! Her performance was great!