White Party 2011: Performers Announced

And they are all INCREDIBLE! The HOTTEST vocalists on the scene right now are all booked to perform at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party in Palm Springs this April. After a very impressive DJ lineup announcement (including some of my faves Freemasons, Joe Gauthreaux, Kimberly S, Peter Rauhofer, Rosabel and Hector Fonseca), the performer list was revealed a couple days ago and it’s unbelievable! I wasn’t sure if I was wanting to go this year, but after the performer announcement, it’s making me REALLY want to go! Here are the girls!

Alexis Jordan

Arguably the hottest vocalist out there right now, her song “Happiness” was one of the best club tracks out for almost 2 years. Being only 18 years old, she’s also one of the youngest? Can she even get into clubs (I’m teasing). She’s got a new track out “Good Girl” with a sickening remix done by The Freemasons. Alexis is performing the Sunday T Dance, the BEST event of the whole weekend with The Freemasons.

Wynter Gordon

The “Believer” singer is the next performer that made me really sit up and take notice. Wynter is one of the sexiest and smooth vocalists on the lineup. Homorazzi’s Donovan recently talked with the Dance Diva. The Freemasons and her collaborate on “Believer” and it’s truly a masterpiece.  Wynter is performing on the Sunday night at the Closing Party with Rosabel.

Zoe Badwi

“Let me go…don’t wanna be alone!” Zoe’s song “Release Me” was one of the BIGGEST club anthems in the past year. Every single DJ I know has played it, and every crowd loved it. Whenever she told you to “Raise your hands” you did it! The entire dance floor would go NUTS when that song hit it’s peak. Zoe is from Australia…and some have even said she could possibly be the next Kylie…you think it’s in the cards? Zoe is performing Friday night at the Bootcamp/Underwear party with Hector Fonseca and DJ Theresa.

Kat Graham

I bet you 5 bux you didn’t know Kat Graham was a singer. I didn’t! Kat is one of the stars on the DELICIOUSLY SINFULLY GUILTY show Vampire Diaries (which is turning me out this season FYI). I’ll be curious to see what she sounds like live! She is performing on Saturday at the Spring Break pool party with Moto Blanco, Manny Lehman and Luke Johnstone.


I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING! The LEGEND that is CHARO has been booked to perform at White Party! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! THIS IS EPIC…like CHARO! Who doesn’t know Charo, she is slated to perform on Sunday afternoon at the T Dance with Alexis & The Freemasons. This event is going to be awesome!

There is also the performer for the main event that has yet to be announced, and this performer is always MASSIVE. In the past they’ve had JLo, Toni Braxton, and even Lady Gaga. I am almost 99% sure that I know who it is. I’m not sure if I should or am allowed to tell you but I will give you a hint. She has a got a new single out now, a new album coming out shortly and has made an appearance at White Party before. If this booking truly does go through this is going to be the biggest thing they’ve EVER done!  (Is it Gaga? JLo? Janet? Britney?) I am not saying until they release it…don’t want to jinx anything!

Bravo Jeffrey, you have truly stepped up your game first last year with your amazing DJ selection, and now this year with this perfect list of performers. Kudos!

For more info and full list of events and performers, goto www.JEFFREYSANKER.com