Which Gleek Is Playing Gay In New Indie Film “White Frog”?

Later this month, Quentin Lee’s “White Frog” will be screened at Los Angeles’ annual LGBT film festival, OutFest. The film follows a high school freshman, Nick Young, struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome who idolizes his perfect older brother Chaz. When Chaz dies, his seemingly perfect family unravels. Nick’s friends attend the funeral and help him get through his loss. After his death, Nick’s family find out Chaz was gay and pursued interests his parents didn’t know about.

The film boasts a very cute cast including BooBoo Stewart (Twilight), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Manish Dayal (90210) and Gregg Sulkin (Wizards of Waverly Place). Playing the role of Chaz Young is someone from Fox’s musical-comedy “Glee”. Check out what the “Glee” actor told gay Los Angeles’ gay weekly publication, Frontiers, about his role.

“This is actually my first independent film. It was a great experience,” the Glee actor reveals, “They are two different beasts. You have Glee and the pace is constantly moving and on to the next thing as quick as you can—it’s so hectic. Independent films you don’t have a big budget. But what’s fun is you can play around more and develop the character. That was an interesting experience for me. I loved playing a different character.”

It’s none other than Harry Shum, Jr. who plays Mike Chang on “Glee”, that’ll be exploring his homosexual side in the upcoming independent film. “White Frog” made it’s debut at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival on March 8, 2012. Even though Shum is not gay, he told Frontiers that he can identify with being an outsider. His past experiences has shaped him and his views about LGBT equality. Here’s his explanation:

“You start to realize we have more similarities than differences,” Shum says. “In my eyes, life is simple; people make it complicated. I never looked at the differences too much. I grew up in Costa Rica where I was the only Chinese kid in a Latin country, then I moved to San Francisco where I only knew Spanish and lived with Chinese kids. I was in a different world.”

Playing the role of BooBoo Stewart and Harry Shum, Jr.’s parents are BD Wong (Law & Order: SVU) and Joan Chen (The Last Emporer). Rounding out the cast are Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King), British actress Talulah Riley and Amy Hill (That’s So Raven). Check out the trailer below. For more info on “White Frog“, head over to the film’s official website.

White Frog Movie Trailer

  • patrick

    i kinda like the message of the story.

  • ahmad

    omg wait
    there is harry and the dad from glee
    that mom who ive seen somewhere
    the white boy from wizards of waverly place
    and the awesome indian from 90210

    this has a great cast i love all those actors
    yet the movie story is boring

    ok ill watch it

  • Dbrewer75

    Harry is soooooo hot

  • Jay

    Harry Shum Jr. is <3

    The trailer looks very nice and I love the plot already…. I also noticed Harry is talking in a very Asian accent on this one.

    definitely a movie I look forward to watching.

  • Anonymous

    BooBoo Stewart isn’t chinese. Its rascist and shameful for a chinese Director of this caliber to choose a subpar stuntman playboy like BooBoo Stewart to play this role.

    The pure disgust of him is even more astounding than using white actors in The Last Airbender.

    his ethnical background might as well be 10% chinese. Plus, judging from previous work, he sucks.

    From a angry Chinese moviegoer.

  • kyle

    I knew Gregg sulkin was gay, I have seen too many pics and vids of him on you tube with his boyfriend, and no I’m not talking hernie Ewww. just come out already gregg it’s obvious ur gay god be out and proud already.