How I Spent My Gay-Whistler Vacation

Sorry to disappoint, this entry will NOT contain the plethora of detailed sexual exploits you may have come to expect from me… because a) I am being severely censured by my fellow homorazzites and b) HOW COULD ANYONE GET LUCKY WITH THIS BESIDE THEM?!

Yes the video was taken on a iPhone, and yes it’s sideways, but picture this: you’re staying at a resplendent, 5-story mansion only minutes from Whistler Village, with great food, great friends and even better dark lager… you return to your room after a great day of hot-tubbing and chocolate splurging and BAM Patrick- BL- himself is snoring like a mofo in the bed next to you.

Understand, I am by no means a light-sleeper, but what HE is, is an instant-to-slumber apnea victim who not only doesn’t know what he’s doing, but throughout the week goes to bed drunker and drunker which somehow works on an exponential relationship with the ferocity of his “sleep barking” as I began to call it.

While this may sound like the diatribe of a barely-suffering sleep buddy, this is the instead the harrowing tale of a boy who slept on the cold floor of an office rather than deal with this nightmare, and at another point in the TUB of an ensuite bathroom until my legs lost so much circulation due to their akimbo angle that I woke up from the pain.

Moral of the story is: yes, the kid is cute… but please, prospective suitors of Pitter-Patter, know what you’re getting into before you give him that last tequila shot… it may be pretty- even in the morning-… but the hardest part is getting there 😉

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    Aww, how cute