A Week in the Peak – Part One

whistler-houseSo I’m up in Whistler Promoting my store masc – as we are a sponsor of the events of WinterPride’ 09. At least a couple thousand gays up here for sking and fun! Adam and I both have full week passes to the events which is awesome… so far the first night we went to the Welcome Party, yesterday we went to Singles & Sex Food Dinner (we were asked to go to this because they needed more people), followed by “Beach Party” at the Savage Beagle.

Adam and I are among the youngest guys here so far, as the people that are here this early in the week are the wealthy olders that can afford too. Met some cool people so far. Adam slept with someone on Monday night, and another guy on Tuesday night so far. I think it is actually going to be one person per night. Let’s just say he’s a volunteer for the event – haha. He showed up this morning at my booth wreaking of booze and vomit – harsh i know – but he did throw up last night after doing several oyster shooters. He was borderline “stormy” as we call him when he gets to drunk and turns into a bitch but doesn’t talk. Anyway, about the Dinner Party. So we show up at 7, when we were supposed to be, and we are the first ones there (minus the chef & cook), and these two guys that are actually staying in the Penthouse (i had met them already – but they both run the Mr. Gay World Competition that is taking place here in Whistler this week. One of which is GORGEOUS – he had won Mr. Gay International himself, and I guess since then it has changed to Mr. Gay World. Anyway, the rest of the guys were SO weird and random, the four of us kept looking at each other like WTF. One of them joked and said it felt like we were on Big Brother – so naturally we made an alliance as the final four. Among several other dishes, we had oyster shooters & chocolate fondue which was cool. First time I had shot an oyster. I still don’t get why people do it. Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier, Adam went to the washroom before we left and puked. I made him drink three glasses of water before hand because he was getting stormy.

So then we went to the Savage Beagle, and I danced with some pretty hot guys (sandwiches as we call them). Actually a couple of them were contestants in the Mr. Gay World competition, another was a guy who is performing (singing) at one of their events, and the others were the two from dinner. I danced with them all night, Adam went and found someone and went home with him.

Tonight….Retro Bingo, followed by the Rhinestone Cowboy & Cowgal Party at Buffalo Bills….

  • adam aka. “stormy- the bitch who doesn’t talk to anyone”

    you are in SO much trouble… and i do NOT smell gross!
    i can’t help it if i have a heavy flow and a wideset vagina!