Which 2 New York Housewives Are Leaving RHONY?

The Real Housewives of New York” cast taped the reunion special last week. From the sounds of it, it’s going to be another goat rodeo. The ritual reflection on the past season always brings out the claws and huge Nielsen ratings. This year’s taping took place over a long day, from 9am til past 7pm. So, expect a lot of drama.

Immediately after filming, several of the Housewives tweeted regarding the day’s tumultuous experience. Ramona Singer tweeted she “survived the reunion“, which Alex McCord echoed with a similar statement, “Intense day of filming yesterday for Real Housewives of New York.” Jill Zarin also got into the action and shared “OMG what a day“. Besides cast tweets, several tidbits surfaced following taping. Reportedly, both Sonja Morgan who’s in the middle of a public bankruptcy and vajazzle queen Cindy Barshop were noticeably quiet during the entire day.

With Season 4 in the books, naturally, focus shifts to the next season. Surprisingly, even without fan favorite Bethenny Frankel, RHONY is still raking in viewers. Personally, it’s not the same without Frankel. Sure, there are moments this season that are memorable, but for the most part, it’s been lackluster for me. Everyone seems to have taken the crazy pill this year, and the craziest of them all, Kelly Bensimon has actually been the most sane. Has hell frozen over and no one told me about it. With all the stress and mental exhaustion filming takes, two cast members are reportedly not coming back for next season. Find out who below.

Not surprisingly new cast member Cindy Barshop isn’t coming back. She’s far too normal for these wackadoo women. During the taping, Barshop kept referring to her RHONY experience in the past tense, leading many to speculate she’s dunzo. I also think filming the show and doing all the promotion for it has taken valuable time away from running her successful Completely Bare Spa empire. I like Cindy, but won’t miss her too much. When your two most controversial moments from the past season include a chipped tooth and HangarGate, you’re not bringing too much to the table- well aside from the spa services to her co-stars.

The other housewife reportedly leaving is original housewife Alex McCord. Sources say she’s fed up with all the drama and ready to move on. But when contacted about the rumors, McCord told PopEater.com “If I had a dollar every time an ‘inside source,’ i.e. a cast member, leaked a ‘story’ that I was out of RHONY, I’d be a multi-millionairess!“. Hopefully Alex is telling the truth. I actually love Alex on the show. Aside from Bethenny, she’s given a few of the best one-liners from the show, including “she’s a thug in a cocktail dress” and her infamous mean girls quote to Jill Zarin.

In other “The Real Housewives of” news, a source close to production revealed that contrary to popular belief, “The Real Housewives of Miami” has been renewed for a second season. Suck on that DC housewives. While Miami was slow out the gate, the budget reunion special was EPIC. These ladies really hate each other, which means great television. I think the girls pulled out all the stops on the reunion in their bid to get a second chance from Bravo. Congrats ladies, it looked like it worked. That being said, the cast is getting a couple of new faces next season. I wonder if that means actual new ladies or just facelifts for the current cast. LOL.