Coming off my trip to LA-LA-Land with Donovan and local writer Alex, I decided to write about my favorite online blogger of all things celeb/salacious. Introduced to this YouTube sensation about two years ago, this is the first site to make it to my iPhone Safari bookmark list every time I fail at jail-breaking my phone’s newest firmware update and completely lose all my saved info. A genius of humor and sassy gayocity at its best, you have to take the time to check this fellow homo out!

Michael Buckley is an East Coaster (though you’d swear he lived in the heart of LA from what he reports) doin’ it right on YouTube. Not happy to ride one clip to viral status, this four-eyed cutie has had over 13,500,000 channel views on his station “What The Buck” and has more than 700,000 subscribers. Jesus Christ! No, not JC, actually, it seems Mr. Buckley is slightly more famous these days than our savior has been 😛 If you’re one of the 18 gays out there who doesn’t know who or what this man does, here he is: trashing and exposing the most ridiculous acts of the Lohans, Olsens and Kardashians on a tri-weekly basis!

While we were starting up I got the guts to send a random email to Buck saying that I was a huge fan and to let them know of our new endeavor… to my big gay surprise, the man actually replied almost immediately saying he really liked the site and would definitely make a point to visit us to see what we would come out with next. It may not seem like much to ya’ll but his bolstering opinion was actually a huge push for me on this site.

If you take a second to read through the gargantuan amount of comments this internet star receives you’ll see that mixed in with the “ROFL”s and “TFS”s is a lot of hate mail. Not typically for the fact that he’s trashing on crazy celebrities (cause we all love that) but more for that fact that he’s SO out there on the net that the bigots and their dial ups in the bible belt have found him and made it clear “homos don’t belong online.” Buck is actually ridiculously confident and can take even the most harshest of comments about his being “too flamey” or “faggy” and for that I love him all the more as he sets a great example of how hate is just another thing to laugh at along with the latest John and Kate scandal. Having been personally compared to him on more than a couple occasions as I ramble off for minutes about someone doing something ridiculous in my city, Michael Buckley is a bit of an inspiration for me. Hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

The first minute of this video are exactly why I watch him: no holding back, couldn’t care less about the youtube comment haters and does it all while making you laugh your ass off.

This is Buck’s most viewed episode, a bit old in the intro and the style of taping, but gives you a great understanding of why this man is as big as he is.