Who doesn’t love their men wet, am I right? Whether it’s a little sweat from a workout or taking a dip in a pool or at the beach, men just look better wet – period. And of course, these chiseled men pictured above are no exception to the rule. Famed photographer Francois Rousseau understands the love for the male form when drenched in H20 and has released a new photo book aptly titled “Wet Men“.

Wet Men is a celebration of the beauty of the male form, as well as the fulfillment of the fantasies surrounding the swimmers, lifeguards, athletes, and bathers around us.”

This stunning set of photos in black and white are sure to make you long for summer just to see some sexy men, drenched in water at your favorite summer hot spots. Wet Men is available on Amazon.com and at the time of writing this post, there are only 9 copies left so order them while you still can! Check out a few photos below.