On my way up to Whistler for Cornucopia last weekend, a handful of others in my industry and I were talking and we quickly arrived at the point in the conversation where everyone was asking where everyone was staying so we could plan for the weekend. With so many great hotels in beautiful Whistler Village, I was very surprised that every single one of them came to the same conclusion amongst each other when I mentioned where I was staying: Westin Whistler was by far their favorite hotel in Whistler. I can now understand why.

I’ve always had fantastic experiences with Westin, and no exception was made for this property. I’ve often driven by, and the first thing that’s always struck me is how well it fits into the surroundings, designed like a beautiful, oversized Chalet-style cabin. Lobby, spa, pool area, the rooms themselves, all of it together lends itself to the feeling that you’re staying in some wealthy mansion, and really not a hotel at all.

Concierge and front desk service were both exceptional, as that weekend we had a lot of notes and tickets to events being passed back and forth. Any call-down request was not only met in record time, but a not-overly-cheery-im-actually-genuinely-happy-to-help response which, after a decade in the service industry, does not go unnoticed with me.

The rooms themselves are bright and beautiful and fully equipped (with everything but an iPod dock), and again, I had zero problems staying in my room a little longer to relax. Granted Westin is the first hotel chain to introduce a signature bed, their “Westin Heavenly Bed“, a custom designed mattress from Simmons, equipped with high thread count linens, and feather pillows and duvet, and really is an all over signature of Westin. So really, when I say “staying in my room”, I really meant “staying in my bed”.

A trip down to the lovely Aubergine Grill had me wishing it was summer and that I could take advantage of their big and beautiful patio, but Friday night lobster specials had me swallowing any complaints. I can fully preface this by saying that, save one restaurant, I’ve never had good service in Whistler. We’re talking about a seasonal ski village where everyone and their cousin looks for work so they can make just enough to hit the slopes for another week. The speed that we were served at Aubergine was, well, less than desirable, even despite my already low pre-existing biases, but I couldn’t stay mad. Everything that came out of the kitchen, (except for the skin my soup had formed after sitting under the salamander instead of being brought to my table), was absolutely exceptional and I can recommend the Friday Surf ‘n’ Turf as an excellent deal.

If you’re not happy enough being rested and full, the Avello Spa and Health Club, equipped with indoor/outdoor pool, hottub, steam room, fully equipped gym that had me very impressed, as well as full spa packages to pamper yourself, will cap it all off for you. Westin is a great leader of healthy, green living within their hotels, and at every turn, you see examples of them not only trying to better themselves as a company, but trying to better you for staying with them.

I can’t disagree with my colleagues. Westin Resort and Spa Whistler really was not only the best, but most comfortable experience I’ve had in Whistler, and although you could, as with anywhere, make a quick trip and get away and enjoy yourself for a night, this hotel nearly demands a staycation.

To make your reservations or more info about the hotel, head over to http://www.westinwhistler.com/.