Well, they certainly were slow in coming up with a campaign that’s such a blatant rip off of the NOH8 campaign. The Westboro Baptist Church, dispised by people all over the world for their anti-gay, bullsh*t bible cult & protests. They often show up at the funerals of public figures when they believe the deceased person was a sinner. So disrespectful. They believe there are no gays in heaven, and that hell is our eternal home. They preach that you can’t know God’s love without knowing his hate, and that he actually hates a lot of things…(their attempt to justify their evil ways).

In the video, they pose several questions to viewers, answering the most frequently discussed questions/arguments they get on the picket line. Nineteen of the most common misconceptions about the Bible dispelled, they say. The video is fully “polished” with music and each question broken up by their God H8s Campaign pictures.

Why take a quick peak at this video? Well, so you can be reminded why you should be thankful you weren’t born & raised by these brainless, hateful twits. I guess God must H8 people who take care of themselves as well, because these people look as disgusting as the words coming out of their mouths. One of the things I despise most is them using their children to help promote hate. So maddening.