A Visit From The West End Boys


The lights of the Centre for the Performing Arts went off and my Heart, with the rest of the audience, started missing a beat. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys came out on stage in incognito covering their heads with coloured boxes. Dressed in their very own style, which revealed who was Neil and who Chris, the two dance/electronic musicians came out from two towers of movable boxes where colour blocks were projected. Each of them found their spot on stage-Neil at vocals and Chris on keyboards.

The stage was constantly changing images, shapes and colours. A series of Domino Dancing white boxes of different sizes were stacked on top of each other where images were projected. Four dancers dressed in primary coloured leotards did not reveal their identity until half way of the concert as they were covering their heads in colour boxes as well, the dancers were the ones in charge of adding the moving action to each of the songs. The London duo didn’t move much from their spots, except from when King of Rome was performed and Neil wore the exact same purple cape from their music video and flaired across stage with his cape and a shiny crown.

The audience was a mix of 80s Suburbia and rural characters that all were in a Pandemonium of ecstasy every time they started singing their hits. Their song repertory was a trip back to their Discography with some of their new songs from their most recent album Yes.

With no room for Being Boring, these boys got their audience dancing and singing during the hour and a half concert. Neil’s voice sounded impeccable from start to end and their music style has not changed, yet they continue with their dance pop style adding a modern electronic sound to their new CD.

My partner and I then arrived super late to one of our best friend’s parties because of the concert. He asked me at the end of the show if Was it Worth It? and I didn’t hold back to answer Opportunities like this will Always Be On My Mind.

Submitted By: Israel G.

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