After WEEKS of promising it, I have finally got the FIRST after shots done. Measurements are also done and it’s all pretty mindblowing! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, I really REALLY can’t, but I think that I am starting to enjoy all of this nonsense, just a little. Or maybe I’m just enjoying the fact that whenever I go in to workout with Bryan it becomes nothing but a monster bitch fest about everything which completely distracts me from what I’m doing at that current moment.

OK so here we go.

Tommy March 2nd June 4th
Weight 209.6 195.06
Waist 38.5 34.5
Neck 15.5 15
Shoulders 47.5 46
Chest 40 34
Upper Leg 20.9 22

So what can we tell from that? Well I lost almost 15 pounds so go me. My waist has shrunk 4 inches (REAL inches not Jean inches). The whole part that surprises me with some of these measurements like shoulders and chest, is that they have gone down a few inches, and yet I look physically completely different. So what I’m guessing is that my mantits from back then melted and are started to look like manpecs. So all the fat from my chest and shoulder has melted and is started to firm up and build so thats good. Overall, we’re on the right track. The goal is to get the waist to 32, everything else will come as it may I’m sure.

Now, while I am still a little ways off from being able to put “MUSCULAR” on my manhunt profile, I feel pretty good about the fact that I will be able to reach my goal in time for pride, which as you all know is BOOTY SHORT AND HIGH HEELS DURING PRIDE WEEKEND!