Weekly Video Round Up


YouTube is so ubiquitous on the internet now. Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t send me a quirky video, or cool new song via YouTube link. We thought we’d pick some of the more interesting ones we come across and highlight them here for some fun time-killing.

This first video has a one-two punch. The visual effects are quite stunning. Super slow-motion cameras can catch the most minute details of high-speed events. The ending of the video might make you think a little as well.

Here’s another video with some pretty cool effects. They use stop motion to animate someone’s morning routine. I can say I definitely can relate. I love the part with the shoe change, makes me want to attempt my own stop motion video!

I love Matthew Fox. I think he’s gorgeous, and I’m always routing for him on Lost. Check out this funny clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they get into a staring contest.

The last video is of David Sedaris reading an essay he wrote about fashion accessories for men. This video was my first introduction to Mr. Sedaris. Since then, I’ve read one of his books, and reading it in his voice made it all the much more funny.