Weekly Video Round Up


Another Saturday, another gaggle of videos. This week’s entries contain a pretty funny movie spoof, another heart-warming short clip, and an amazing glee club performance.

Winner of this year’s Best Picture Oscar, Slumdog Millionaire had quite the premise. Young boy with an interesting life gets on a quiz show and ends up going the distance. What would have happened if Danny Boyle wasn’t able to get the right’s to Who Wants to be a Millionaire and had to settle for something different?

This video short is really touching. Everyone’s heard the old cliché, “When you die, your life flashes before your eyes.” Director Chris Milk takes the old adage literally and produces quite a beautiful story.

I’m not as excited as many of the other homorazzi cast members about Glee, the new music-based drama on Fox, but I am a sucker for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. This clip was the one thing that made me want to see the next episode.

**Don’t try this at home** Except for maybe you Daniel :P. This one’s short, but sweet. Amazing what the human body is capable of.