Weekly Man Crush: Mehcad Brooks


This week’s crush comes as a result from my latest TV obsession. Yes, I’m a little late in jumping on the “True Blood” bandwagon, but I’m here now and a proud member of the fan club. Brian and I bought the season one DVDs a couple of weeks ago and finished them in a couple of days. We started the next season just the other night, and I immediately fell in lust with one new regular cast members- Mehcad Brooks.

Two words- YUM-MY. Seriously, this beefy man is total man candy. There was one defining moment on the show that made me forget about the previous resident hottie, Ryan Kwanten. It came when Mehcad’s character was working shirtless in the garden- words cannot describe how sexy he was with his sweaty torso. His love interest, Tara, even commented “I’d take a shower in your sweat if I could”. DITTO with a capital D, I, T, T, O.


If you don’t watch “True Blood” (and you should), you might recognize Brooks from Desperate Housewives’ second season. He played the character of Matthew Applewhite, son of Alfre Woodard. His character ended up being the killer in the season-long mystery.

The 29-year-old former model was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After high school, he attend Texas Southern University School of Cinematic Arts. He’s parlayed this degree into constant acting gigs, one after the other. Besides “True Blood”, “Desperate Housewives”, he’s appeared in “The Game”, “Dollhouse” and box office films “Glory Road” and “In the Valley of Elah”. Currently, he can be seen on the new ABC legal show “The Deep End” as Malcolm Bennet.

This picture was taken at a charity triathlon in Hawaii. More information at TagTheWorldTriathlon.com. The things I would do to this sweaty man…..mmm..mmm..mmm.


Here’s a video of Mehcad so you can hear his sexy voice. I picked this clip because it’s for a site called blackarazzi.com. LOVE IT.