Weekend Box Office Fails To Be ‘Taken’ By ‘Argo,’ ‘Sinister’ or ‘Psychopaths’

Despite a few new movies hitting theaters this weekend, it seems that nothing could over take the power of Taken 2 and Liam Neeson at the box office. For a second week in a row, the action-thriller sequel racked in enough dollars to inch above the competition. Not far behind the number one spot is Ben Affleck’s political drama, Argo which has already created a lot of Oscar buzz amongst a majority of film critics.

Those who were in the mood for a little Halloween thrill were more likely to check out Ethan Hawke in the possessing thriller, Sinister which came in third place overall this weekend. But what shocks me is that the star-studded comedy Seven Psychopaths didn’t even crack the top five. Instead, the Kevin James and Selma Hayek slapstick-style comedy Here Comes The Boom brought in the bigger numbers.

  • 1. Taken 2: $22,500,000 ($86,758,852 total)
  • 2. Argo: $20,120,000 (opening weekend)
  • 3. Sinister: $18,250,000 (opening weekend)
  • 4. Hotel Transylvania: $17,300,000 ($102,192,617 total)
  • 5. Here Comes the Boom: $12,000,000 (opening weekend)
  • 6. Frankenweenie: $7,014,000 ($22,034,668 total)
  • 7. Looper: $6,300,000 ($51,442,425 total)
  • 8. Seven Psychopaths: $4,275,000 (opening weekend)
  • 9. Atlas Shrugged: Part 2: $1,708,000 (opening weekend)
  • 10. End of Watch: $1,703,048 ($36,375,223 total)