As part of Seth MacFarlane‘s opening monologue performance at the Academy Awards this year, he performed a number called “We Saw Your Boobs” where he listed off the many actresses that have bared their breasts in cinema. As you can expect, many people didn’t like it although I think it’s okay to laugh at things like that once and a while – they’re just boobs in the end and every woman has them.

Anyway, one man wasted no time at all in coming up with a retort video in which he flips the script and talks about actors who have done full frontal. The song is called, “We Saw Your Junk.” It’s actually really well done and it’s a great way to recall all of the men who have actually shown their “junk” in movies.

Watch the funny (it’s just a penis, it’s not-offensive) video below.

‘We Saw Your Boobs’ – Seth MacFarlane Oscar Parody

Now if you really want to see a montage of movies where male full-frontal nudity is involved, you can watch this very NSFW video that The Huffington Post released a couple weeks ago. I refrained from posting it earlier as it was very NSFW, but in the spirit of the “We Saw Your Junk” video above, I’ll keep it up for a while. 😉 Enjoy (but don’t watch it at work!)

‘A Salute To The Male Full-Frontal (NSFW)