We Can Do It!


Another equality ad campaign has surfaced, this time by Open Artist Movement featuring our studly friend Reichen Lehmkuhl! There are actually ten familiar faces that have participated in the shoot thus far. I’m a fan of the concept!

About the campaign:

“We Can Do It! is a photo campaign to build solidarity and personal strength through positive messaging. The goal is to bring to life modern iconic individuals, by depicting them as powerful and not victims in support of the global LGBT movement worldwide.”

Reichen (Refresher: Amazing Race, Lance Bass, Dante’s Cove, etc.) is always one to help out with the LGBT equality movement. He even wrote a book called “Here’s What We’ll Say,” talking about his experience and opinion on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, having been in the Air Force himself. Reichen is to star as Andrew in the off Broadway musical, My Big Gay Italian Wedding. The show starts in about a month and a half.


If you didn’t see our interview with Reichen in Hollywood last year, check it out here. (Disclaimer: Cue card? Nervous? Gimme a break, it was one of my first interviews!)