YouTube Community Unites: “We Are The World” Cover


WOW. That’s all I got to say about this. When the original “We Are The World” first came out 25 years ago in 1985, it was amazing to see all these huge recording artists come together for one big cause- to eradicate famine in Africa. Not only did the single raise huge amounts of money, but it generated both critical and commercial success. Fast forward to 2010 when Quincy Jones announces his intention to duplicate the single’s initial success, but this time to benefit those suffering from the Haitian earthquake. At first, the project was met with excitement and lofty expectations.

Despite enlisting some of today’s hottest musical acts, the single never really took off the way its predecessor did. My personal opinion was it didn’t seem as genuine and I hated the whole rap portion sandwiched in the middle of the song to update the classic track. Normally I love a good hip-hop intermission, but it was all kinds of wrong in this instance. While trying to sleep off my hangover in Whistler this weekend, I was watching CNN to catch up on my world events when I saw a piece on this YouTube video.

YouTuber lisalavie1 enlisted 57 unsigned fellow YouTubers to come together for one voice. The result was a “We Are The World” cover more inspiring and moving than the Quincy Jones 2010 version. This online collaboration is the epitome of the world coming together. Different races and backgrounds from various parts across YouTube’s global community joining forces. When I first watched it, I admit I got a little misty. The work and effort put forth by everyone involved is truly inspiring. From the CNN piece, the biggest hurdle faced by lisalavie1 and her team was equalizing the sound due to the various environments people recorded their vocals- some had professional equipment while others sang in bathrooms or other acoustically friendly surroundings.


While all 57 singers are obviously very talented, a few of the contributors stood out to me. In particular, the following:

Melissa Polinar: 28
Blair Perkins: 1:12
Lyne Sullivan: 1:20
Lois Mahalia: 1:35
J. Rice: 2:05
Luna Mae: 2:10
Lisa Lavie: 2:40
Nick Pitera: 4:18
Sheena Melwani: 5:15
Dan Tavelski: 5:20

One of the coolest features of the video is that you’re able to go to featured singer’s YouTube page by simply clicking on the video when listening to them. Also, be sure to watch the entire thing, I love the video editing at the end- truly awesome.

Aren’t they awesome? Seriously, some of them should definitely try out for American Idol and make the Top 12. What did you think of the efforts from these YouTubers? Self-promotion or truly altruistic?

Visit the official “We Are The World” foundation and do what you can to help.

  • Dude… that is so much better than the 2010 crapfest Quincy put together. Bravo.

  • Paul

    All I have to say is WOW!!!