Unlike Dan, who’s read the book and extremely excited about the movie adaptation, I don’t know much about this production. Admittedly, I had no idea what “Water for Elephants” was about before seeing the trailer. Truth be told, even after watching it, I still have no idea what the plot is besides involving a love triangle. Having said that, the trailer looks pretty amazing and it’s got me excited for the movie’s release date. I can just imagine, how even more stoked Dan is after he watches it, considering he’s read the book.

While I’m a huge Reese Witherspoon fan and who can blame me with winners like “Legally Blonde“, “Sweet Home Alabama“, “Walk The Line“, Robert Pattinson is another story. He’s never done anything to offend me or put me off, but I just don’t get the hoopla about him. After watching the trailer, I fear I might have to eat those words when I catch the entire film. The chemistry between Resse and him is absolutely searing. On paper, I would’ve never thought it, but in the short clip they share so much heat and tension, I can’t stand it. If I start crushin‘ on him after this flick, I will never forgive the movie producers or myself.

“Water for Elephants” is a film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel of the same name. The movie takes place during the Great Depression. Pattison plays Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student who drops out of school to join the circus. With his medical background, he becomes their on-site vet. Witherspoon plays Marlena, a circus performer married to August, a twisted animal trainer, played by Christoph Waltz. As you can imagine, major drama ensues between the trio while the circus travels from town to town.


Doesn’t it look amazing? Reese Witherspoon looks even more gorgeous that she does normally. Speaking of gorgeousness, the film looks beautifully shot. This could be an early contender for Best Cinematography at the 2012 Oscars. “Water for Elephants” is scheduled to hit theaters on April 15, 2011. I cannot wait.