Let’s get it right out of the way: I KNOW THIS ISN’T AU MOMENT NEWS. Yes, this cover band has been around since 2006 and famous since about January of this year, however, I write about them today because I feel the need to take the time to congratulate some true Canadian talent; I have found too many American friends who haven’t heard of them to feel comfortable that they’re completely wide spread; and finally, because I’m going to find and marry “Beard Guy” and thought “Hey, did you catch that article I wrote about you?” would be a great ice breaker when I eventually meet him outside his apartment after stalking him for a few months.

As much as fellow writer Nic has already called me an out-of-touch douche for getting excited by my recent discovery of this troupe and their unique brand of contemp classics covers, I’m gonna be “that guy” and brag about them anyway cause they’re that good. Real quickly: Walk Off the Earth is a Canadian band from Burlington, Ontario with 5 members who play a variety of instruments: Gianni Luminati, Ryan Marshall, Mike Taylor (MY FUTURE HUSBAND aka “Beard Guy/Man”), Joel Cassady, and Sarah Blackwood. Initially I started writing what instruments they play but literally they have dozens in their repertoire so it was a waste of time to narrow it down. Walk Off the Earth became HUGE without any money or advertising, rather on sheer talent and YouTube viewership alone. Originally from their covers of “The Gregory Brothers” they started to be seen but it was definitely their cover of Gyote’sSomebody That I Use To Know” in which they collectively play a singular guitar simultaneously, which garnered for 80 MILLIONS VIEWS in less than two months at the beginning of the year that made them viral. They have a great following for their original music but what makes me melt is their unique videos and brilliant artistry and undeniable talent. You HAVE to see the vids below!!

“Somebody That I Use To Know” – Gotye cover

This song canNOT get enough play this year! From an indie aussie band this smash success has made it’s way onto Glee this week as well as a duet performance on this week’s American Idol. Further, it’s been on The Voice and others as the little song that could continues to amaze and entice. While it’s arguable “Who sings it best”, it’s without question that THIS version is modern, bold and in a league of its own. The cohesiveness and beauty of their combined effort just slays me and has motivated me to write this article despite their already-established viral fame and threat of being called the “old guy” behind the times by the other razzi’ writers. Sarah, the female vocals in this, is so central to the video with her striking look and shinning voice that it’s hard to notice the rest of the band. BUT, you do when you realize that the man on the far left (“Beard Guy”- named for obvious reasons) is basically the sexiest man I’ve seen for a while. Though my bear crushes Scott and Dan back home certainly give him a run for Beard Guy’s money, at least there’s a chance this one’s single and I’m determined to wed him!

“Little Boxes” – Malvina Reynolds cover

My second favorite by the group is the much-covered (literally, like every single episode) opening credits song to “Weeds”. The cinematography of this video is visually more elaborate than the original but stunning in its overall simplicity. Okay, that’s a lot of words that seem to contradict, I recognize that, but once you watch it, you’ll certainly agree. Once again, the band looks sexy in their hipster gettup (not usually my thang, but damn if they don’t make it work) and play as a whole as if they have been doing this and practicing for centuries. Almost looking like they’re spoofing a GAP commercial with their brights on beige, their wander carelessly about the room with ease as they slip by one another and into and out of each others’ lyrics and sounds. Concerning the main event, my fiancee Beard Guy, how SEXY does he look just smackin’ that box in his french sailor tuque? I’m dying watching him and his big ol’ arms pound away rhythmically… okay, now I’m getting a bit dirty ha.

“Someone Like You” – Adele Cover

Disclaimer: my lover is not in this one so I almost didn’t post it. That said, it’s still too amazing not to highlight. The band is just three in this one not needing the extra instruments to pull off Adele’s smash success. The reason I choose to include it is its similarity to their aforementioned Gyote genius as they create a Rube Goldberg-esque musical system where one band member plays off of and into another (if you don’t get that reference- and I had to google the name myself- remember that awesome Honda commercial with all the parts hitting one another). It’s
fluid and the sound is sweetly precise and a great version of the well-played original with WOTE’s vocal take. Once again, I’m blown by how with-ease they play together in such a tight space and timed manner. If I had even a touch of their skill I’d quit everything to pursue a career as exciting as this.

All said: they’re relevant, pretty damn sexy (especially you-know-who) and CANADIAN so I say A+ in every aspect of their effort. Their website is still not fully up so I’m waiting to see what’s next for this band as they breakout mainstream and maybe even take this show West Coast and bring my man unto me. Oh, and Mike, if you read this: I’m single and will stay that way just for you as long as it takes… right, cause THAT’S why I’m staying single haha.